Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lou Sang 捞生 by Wojamama on the 7th Day of CNY -It's Everyone B'day! 是人日呀!

Happy Birthday to all my readers, friends and anyone from any part of the world!

In Chinese Tradition, today is the 7th Day of CNY, which most/ all of the Chinese people will be celebrating "everyone's day"/"people birthday" with Lou Sang.
Lou Sang combined different colours of foods like carrots which represented orange colour, cucumber which represented green colour, red chilies represented red etc etc...

Different people, made their Lou Sang differently. Some may mix fruits, raw fishes or anything they would like to mix as long as it's okay after being combined! ;)

For the first time since 2009, a small group of us gathered together for Lou Sang that we have booked it from Wagamama Japanese Restaurant with RM78.80++. Just enjoying the day! And everyone had fun with it.

It was so crunchy and tasty after we stir mixed all the ingredients together. Very nice!

FYI, the higher we "lou" (stir and lift up as high as possible) the prosperous we could be!
See what we had! I want it more!

p/s: The "lou sang" can be found easily from any of the supermarkets in town now-a-days, during CNY season with nice packaging. Go and have fun with friends around during CNY! :D

Once again, happy b'day. ;)

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