Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kung Ming Lantern (Sky Lantern) 孔明燈

Saw it for the first time.

It was quite special for me and it reminds me of the animated cartoon of Rapunzel - A Tangled Tale, when the King and his kingdom was flying the lanterns each year before their princess was found.

It's so beautiful when thousand of lanterns fly at the same time. Awwww~~

Went to T's aunt house for dinner on the first day of CNY.

They were setting up the lantern and find a space before they let the lantern to fly.

For safety purposes:

Do find a large space like basketball court or an empty field, so that it won't burnt people's house accidentally!

The theory of the lantern is similar as the theory of hot air balloons!

Some people may write wishes on the lanterns before they let it fly. However... I don't think his cousins did that! LOLzz

Fly Fly Fly!

Take me to the moon and let me fly upon the sky~~

Bye bye lantern...

Some information I found about Kung Ming Lantern, in case you wanna know - click here.

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  1. Hi, may I know where can i find this latern in kk? thanks :)