Monday, February 28, 2011

Girls Night Out at Party Play Lifestyle Cafe, Lintas, K. K., Sabah

Three of us promised each other that we will have our dinner someday... and it was since September or October of last year??

And finally, we had our cozy dinner at Party Play Lifestyle Cafe.

Together with Diana who loves to travel around and went to interesting destinations such as Japan, Taiwan and others and she love to have Japanese Food like me too! Feel free to visit her blog!

Read my previous entry about my lunch at Party Play *drooling* - click

- Lime Juice -

It's refreshing with sweet, bitter and sour flavour.

- Cocktail -

With Cranberries (good for females) juice in it. It taste sweet and sour.

- Tom Yum (Thai Styled) Spaghetti -

It's quite special that the chef prepared the pasta ala Thai styled with Tom Yum paste and it's not extremely hot!

I love pasta. I love pasta. I love Pasta. I love pasta. I love pasta.

Especially white sauce! It's fattening, but fattening food taste GREAT!! LOL!

- Teriyaki Spring Chicken -

The photo I snapped was horrible, it's overly bright with flash using my Blackberry! It's taste like chicken and soft meat by the way. *recommended*

- The Party Play Salad and Wedges -

comes in a set with Western Dishes. And I love their Signature's Salad mixed with Olive Oil and Cranberries.

- Lamb Chop -

(Photo courtesy by Diana.)

Girls night out with chit chat about all kind of life factors!

Finally, completed my entry with a click of memory at Part Play Lifestyle Cafe.


Lot 21-o,
Lorong Lintas Plaza 3,
Lintas Plaza,
88300 Kota Kinabalu,


  1. Thanks for the promoting my blog... Hahaha...

    By the way, we should go for food hunter again.. Set the date and venue :)

    Have a good day.

  2. hehehe ;)

    Yayaya! We go food hunt again!!

    Hmmm~~~~ You wanna have Chinese? Thai? Western? Italian Food?
    I think you will freak out with constant Japanese food oooo~~

  3. tom yam spaghetti - very creative, a discovery for me although have tasted sambal belacan spaghetti.

  4. How was Sambal belacan taste? Feels like a bit weird?