Sunday, February 6, 2011

CNY Dim Sum at Shangri-la Hotel and New Wong Kok Restaurant, K. K., Sabah

Went to had Dim Sum as breakfast for two days straight! And almost got ourselves burst while are having MEAT MEAT MEAT at these festive season. Butter cookies, snacks and OMG visiting to relatives' house and FOOD again!!!!

My dad was bugging us to go to Foo Phing for Dim Sum, however we spend our parent to a nicer restaurant on the second day of CNY.

- Hotel Shangri-la *Halal* -

It's reminded the old days when I was a primary school student and parents brought us there for Dim Sum, everything was so nice and packed.

We were seeking for nice Dim Sum and went to the hotel for breakfast. NO PORK SERVED! Not much of people when we went there (maybe they thought they didn't serve Dim Sum after the hotel renovated and most Chinese love PORKs). ;D

Dim Sum are made of Chicken and it's taste a bit awkward after we had pork Dim Sum in all these years.

The food was nice anyway! I love their hot meat ball bun and the fried carrot cake with beansprouts. Hot and delicious!

Service was well-trained and the breakfast only cost us RM87.00 (include service charge and taxes). See? It's totally worth for six person!

Third day of CNY - Went for Dim Sum with my uncle's family at -

- New Wong Kok Restaurant *Non Halal* -

We wait for 1 hour for our turn to have our seats and that's include those who didn't took their number and just waited their turn at those tables which were going to finish their Dim Sum very very soon. It's quite unconsidered at all. (What to do? It's CNY! That's why it's like having WAR in there.)

However, their Dim Sum were very SATISFYING and it cost from RM5.00 to RM9.50 per basket. It's worth for the price when we saw the huge Meatball牛肉丸 and Sau Mai 烧麦。

It's so GOOD and we are SO FULL!!! And it cost RM240.00++ and we ordered quite alot for 10 of us.

Very Hong Kong styled Dim Sum! Yummy! Even their dinner are GOOD too! - click

p/s: Our re-refrigerator still have Frozen Dim Sum bought from supermarket on the second day of CNY, my dad complaint that he want to have pork Dim Sum! OMG! Dim Sum for three days straight?

Downtown Shangri-la Hotel
New Wong Kok Restaurant, Bundusan


  1. 240 is sure alot! but thinking it's for 10 pax - 24 is considerable cheap.. i didnt have dim sum for a long time already.. :)

  2. yup! You should go for Dim Sum once in a while... but, not like us... 2 days straight and every day meat in these holiday! ;)