Saturday, February 19, 2011

BB Park - The Art and Culture, Bukit Bintang, K. L.

After we had our tea session at PappaRich, Bukit Bintang, mom was asking whether we are interested to have a walk at BB Park before going back to our hotel.

It's BB Park. Not Bimbimbap! (A type of Korean Claypot Rice that have few "colour" of ingredients that we need to mix them before we eat it) :D

We have a walk at BB Park - The Art and Culture spot, where tourists nearby will have a short walk or chill out at the clubs or dinner at the high class restaurants around there.

Live bands were loud and I love Jazz musics. It's suits me most.

FYI, we can't see any person singing there, unless we look above to the stage which located few stages above our head.

Besides the live bands, there are stalls selling items like necklaces, bracelets, small decorations for home and many more to be chosen.

One of the necklace that catch my eye -

"吉祥" "Auspicious"

Chinese words are written from the right to the left in the olden days and it's the other way now (left to right).

The necklace looks good with defining shapes, however it's quite difficult to match clothes for me. Hmmm~~~

- The Clubs and restaurants -

Not much to see at BB Park and we have visited the souvenir shop there before we walked back to our hotel to end our day. *yawn*

The night is still young, although it's almost 12.00 a.m. midnight.

That's K. L., it's busy almost every places!

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