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Monday, February 28, 2011

Girls Night Out at Party Play Lifestyle Cafe, Lintas, K. K., Sabah

Three of us promised each other that we will have our dinner someday... and it was since September or October of last year??

And finally, we had our cozy dinner at Party Play Lifestyle Cafe.

Together with Diana who loves to travel around and went to interesting destinations such as Japan, Taiwan and others and she love to have Japanese Food like me too! Feel free to visit her blog!

Read my previous entry about my lunch at Party Play *drooling* - click

- Lime Juice -

It's refreshing with sweet, bitter and sour flavour.

- Cocktail -

With Cranberries (good for females) juice in it. It taste sweet and sour.

- Tom Yum (Thai Styled) Spaghetti -

It's quite special that the chef prepared the pasta ala Thai styled with Tom Yum paste and it's not extremely hot!

I love pasta. I love pasta. I love Pasta. I love pasta. I love pasta.

Especially white sauce! It's fattening, but fattening food taste GREAT!! LOL!

- Teriyaki Spring Chicken -

The photo I snapped was horrible, it's overly bright with flash using my Blackberry! It's taste like chicken and soft meat by the way. *recommended*

- The Party Play Salad and Wedges -

comes in a set with Western Dishes. And I love their Signature's Salad mixed with Olive Oil and Cranberries.

- Lamb Chop -

(Photo courtesy by Diana.)

Girls night out with chit chat about all kind of life factors!

Finally, completed my entry with a click of memory at Part Play Lifestyle Cafe.


Lot 21-o,
Lorong Lintas Plaza 3,
Lintas Plaza,
88300 Kota Kinabalu,

Friday, February 25, 2011

Japanese Buffet at Jogoya Japanese Restaurant, Star Hill Gallery, K. L.

Was longing for Jogoya Japanese Restaurant located at Starhill Gallery, K. L. since the first time when my friends told me that the restaurant offers Japanese Buffet, Cuisine Foods and tempting dessert such as Fresh Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream!

Saliva drooling when I heard JAPANESE FOODs! I love it very much!

The raw fishes - Salmons, Butter Fish, Oysters and the list goes on!

One of my mom's friend treat us for the night at Jogoya Japanese Restaurant! And my eye was blinking when I heard it before going to K. L.

I'm so lucky! Was planning to go there for the Buffet by paying our own bill before going K. L. and in the end, my Uncle told us that he was going to treat us for that night!

FYI, he is one of the VIP member, therefore, VIP members have more choices than the normal members, in such that VIP can have lobsters, bird nests, shark fins soup and other high quality dishes.

Besides, the buffet cost around RM100.00 per person.

The restaurant was crowded most of the time and not only the local went for the buffet, but tourists too. Yea~~ They have spaces for walk in customers! Yippi!!

One of the best thing is every place we walk, we will see foods!! Western foods! Chinese foods! Beefs! Tempuras! Desserts!

However, I don't think most of the people can have all the food with one visit! LOL :D

Imagine how we could eat 100 or more types of food exclude DESSERTS within 2 hours??


More photographs snapped with tempting Japanese Sushi, Sashime, grilled dishes!

Complimentary Red Wine for our dinner.

- Scallops -

- Lamb Shank -

Ingredients selected by ourselves hot bowl.

- Herbal Lobster -

It's Lobster again!

The smallest Coconut Drink I have so far.


All were mine!!!!!

However, the Oysters were not that fresh... not that "sweet" either.

Too full that I only can complete my dinner with Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream. Green Tea and Vanilla if I'm not mistaken.

The marvelous view of Starhill Gallery with various branded outlets.

Shopping anyone???


T3, Relish Floor,
Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

【沙巴玩】亚庇 : Monsopiad 文化村 Fun in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - Monsopiad Cultural Village

Continued from The Fresh Aquaculture Station, Kg. Babagon, Penampang - click

It's a quick overview before the in depth visit started by the students group.

A brief introduction about Monsopiad Cultural Village at the main entrance.

The traditional village is for the remembrance of the headhunter warriors - Monsopiad. Furthermore, it was built by his 6th or 7th generation to remember their forefather and allow public and tourists all over the world to understand the culture of Kadazan, the roots of the culture and the legendary Monsopiad.

Welcoming the group of students with humble souvenirs and traditional musics with instruments played.

Heard that Monsopiad Cultural Village improved a lot since Mari-Mari Cultural Village, offering the five largest ethic tribes of Sabah to be visited and practical understanding for tourists.

Monsopiad Cultural Village currently have the "headhunters" house and we can have practical understanding about the tribes from the local food they had, their lifestyle and other related information.

The official visit by the students will be starting soon and its time for the Cultural Village to do their part.

Students were divided in to few small groups guided by the staffs and one group after another will be by visiting the same all the "must known spots" of the village.

Besides, from what I have understood, the cultural village also known as the "House of Skulls", and they really have many skulls of people with "designs" that have been snatched by their ancestors and displayed there. (I saw from photographs and it's a bit spooky.) *glurp*

Hope that my next visit to Monsopiad Cultural Village would not be snapping photographs and not following the in depth tour there.

The official website of Monsopiad Cultural Village - click

Tour with - Tropical Holidays Paradise

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A taste of Hakka at Kopitiam Peniel 朋友, Lintas, K. K., Sabah

Updated on 22.09.2011 - The restaurant is closed down. :(

For the first time I went for food review at one of the restaurant in town with another tall and sweet KK blogger,

Beverly from Take Another Step,

a talented artistic person with ideas of DIY and a part time online seller and another friend came along with us.

She invited me for the small food review at Kopitiam Peniel located at Lintas Plaza, a restaurant which mainly selling varieties of Hakka dishes and other dishes such as Western Food and tempting desserts.

And never thought that they can provide efficient services and the foods was improved quite a lot since my first attempt last year when they were newly open.

Rickie, one of the partner who recommended us their tasty Hakka dishes originated from Kudat and their signature dishes that they added with special sauces, home made rice wine and others which were tempting when we listen to what he has introduced. *drooling*

However, its so many scrumptious dishes, but too little people to share among each other, unless there were more KK bloggers went for the food review, for sure we can have a taste of varieties of Hakka dishes.

- Hakka Lao Su Foon 客家老鼠爱大米 - (RM5.00)

Portion for three (3) person was huge and even one (1) person will be the same too (covered more than the bowl of noodles). The noodles was quite special with short rat tailed shaped and not much of restaurants serving it in town with such a good taste, even it was cold after a while.

The mixed Hakka Lou Su Foon with Roasted meat, minced meat, vegetables and Spring Rolls.

Look as tasty as it seen with the special brewed sauce that can be added on.

- Fried Beef Shine with Gravy - (RM10.00)

With stewed white carrots, it makes the whole plate of beef taste good and the best thing is the beef was soft and not hard to chew.

Reasonable pricing in a busy town here.

- Chicken Wine 黄酒鸡 - (RM13.00)

I love their style of cooking with the non added sugar home made rice wine. Blood circulation will be good for us when we had it, however too much for a person will be heaty. I still love Chicken Wine anyway.

My tempting dinner with Beverly and another friend. Yummy!

Here comes our DESSERT! The UFO look a like

- Fried Ice Cream - (RM2.50 per pieces)

I love it so much and I think I can have a few of it at one time.

Frying with 2 seconds in the hot boiled oil and the fried ice creams were DONE! Extremely fast and the fried ice cream was crunchy at the outside and cold inside. Tempting and refreshing!

FYI, both of the Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream are home made, the recommended one will be the CHOCOLATE ice cream, dark chocolate for those who love chocolates!

I would love to have more of it for my next visits! All we need is to order from the person in charge and take note that the fried ice cream is not in the menu!

Located at the first floor, the shop looks clean and neat.

Somehow... KK people should learn to find good food not only located at the ground floor, but also the first floor or the higher level.

Besides having Hakka Food and other on the menu dishes, they do have catering for parties and gathering. And as I know, they have Nyonya menus for the catering too!

p/s: Food review were based on our personal opinion and all of the dishes ordered cost RM42.00.


Lot 18-1, 1st Floor,
Lintas Plaza Phase 2B,
88300 Kota Kinabalu,

Telephone No.:
088- 232 368

Saturday, February 19, 2011

BB Park - The Art and Culture, Bukit Bintang, K. L.

After we had our tea session at PappaRich, Bukit Bintang, mom was asking whether we are interested to have a walk at BB Park before going back to our hotel.

It's BB Park. Not Bimbimbap! (A type of Korean Claypot Rice that have few "colour" of ingredients that we need to mix them before we eat it) :D

We have a walk at BB Park - The Art and Culture spot, where tourists nearby will have a short walk or chill out at the clubs or dinner at the high class restaurants around there.

Live bands were loud and I love Jazz musics. It's suits me most.

FYI, we can't see any person singing there, unless we look above to the stage which located few stages above our head.

Besides the live bands, there are stalls selling items like necklaces, bracelets, small decorations for home and many more to be chosen.

One of the necklace that catch my eye -

"吉祥" "Auspicious"

Chinese words are written from the right to the left in the olden days and it's the other way now (left to right).

The necklace looks good with defining shapes, however it's quite difficult to match clothes for me. Hmmm~~~

- The Clubs and restaurants -

Not much to see at BB Park and we have visited the souvenir shop there before we walked back to our hotel to end our day. *yawn*

The night is still young, although it's almost 12.00 a.m. midnight.

That's K. L., it's busy almost every places!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chap Goh Mei (a.k.a. Chinese Valentine's Day) 2011

It's the end of Chinese New Year 2011 on the 15th day of CNY.

Somehow, I love the 15th Day because I can see and heard the sound of drums played by the lion dances and unicorns at anywhere. And the players will work harder and energetically on this day to get more red packet (Ang Pow) before the day ended.

Besides, something special about Chap Goh Mei (The 15th Day of CNY) in Chinese Tradition, which lovers will go to the river/ sea and throwing pamelos, mandarin oranges during the night and I heard from the radio... there were people throwing BANANAS in to the sea (I just wonder how they did that).

Anyhow, I'm wishing all the love birds will love each other sincerely and singles will found the suitable partners (NOT BY CHEATING lar...)

Was waiting for my boss to let us go home earlier but nehhh~~ still the same old him... Working till 5.00p.m. and off I go.

Rest for a while and it's dinner time!

Dinner during the night was a feast with Fish Mow Soup that I like, the usual Hainanese Steamed Chicken, scrumptious sea cucumbers with mushrooms and others.

The last packet of Lou Sang that my eldest sister bought previously.

How was your Chap Goh Mei? Mine is still the same by listening all the firecrackers and fireworks in my neighborhood from near and far.

Happy Chap Goh Mei to all readers!

Till we celebrate CNY again next year. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

【亚庇吃】 双天海鲜楼 Food in Kota Kinabalu - Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant

The famous Suang Tai Seafood Restaurant with open air concept that almost 90% of the tourists in town will be going there searching for seafood and varieties of foods that suits tourists are selling at the food stalls besides.

The fleshy black crabs and Slipper Lobsters.

By looking at the fishes, clams and other seafood, that photograph looks attractive to me. Nyum!

However, some of them may cost expensive and it's depends on the seafood that consumers ordered and sometimes it's subjective for the restaurants to charge on those ordered dishes.

Be careful and remember to ask for the price before ordering from them!!! (Advice from the local people here.)

And I'm not making fun of it.

See those people? Most of them came here for the fresh seafood.

There are few seafood restaurants at SEDCO for us to select, maybe we shall try other restaurants in the future then...

The usual type of clam that we had at any of the seafood restaurant.

- Fish Mow Soup -


- Slipper Lobster -

Not a very wise choice, we choose choose the normal lobsters instead! The texture of the slipper lobster was hard to eat when it's over- cooked.

- Crabs with Salted Egg -

I love it very much!! Fleshy and smells great with the salted eggs.

- Sabah Vegetable (Suk Zhai Chai) -

Only could be found in Sabah! It's a must try in any of the restaurants here in Sabah and remember to ask from them if you want to have it.

- Steamed fish -

I love the Fried Oyster with Eggs which I ordered from one of the stall beside. It cost differently with the portion that we want to order from range of RM10.00 to Rm15.00.

Furthermore, if we are lucky enough while we are having our dinner at Suang Tain Seafood Restaurant, we can enjoy the cultural dances which held on each week! I'm enjoying with the food and the tourists that saying :

"Wahhh~~~ So fresh~~ So yummy!!!"

and many other good responds while Cheering with friends


Block A, 9-12,
Jalan Laman Diki,
Sedco Complex, Kampung Air,
88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.