Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tawau : Guide for Food and Places 2D/1N V.1 【沙巴吃】 斗湖 - 2天1夜 小城观光与好吃的!

Sabah - Tawau

The scenery from above was magnificent while landing the town of Tawau.

Heard that the seafood and restaurants over there are delicious and famous too. I went to a few restaurants and they served great food with large portion compared to many of the restaurants I went at my place.

Randomly selected one of the coffee shop in town for breakfast and the food served was good.

Sin Lee Cuisine (梨园小厨)

Iced Coffee was blended for a while by substituting stiring with blending.

Besides, a large bowl of "Pan Mee" 板面 with ingredients that were given generously and fresh too. Remember to try their Fish Noodles too! It was hand made with fishes.

Morning post of Tawau that can be read for a great morning!

A random shot of the street that most of the hotels are located.

Walking to the famous Pasar Tanjung Tawau/ Tawau Market for market shopping, where local and non-local going to purchase cheap dried materials and seafood.

They still maintain the old shop in town and I noticed that the air was breezy and I doesn't felt uncomfortable while walking slowly towards our next destination.

The local snacks that taste good and crunchy. Besides, the seller was friendly too. Cheers~

The salted fish and dried scrimps and other materials for cooking.

The famous pork bun from Kedai Kopi Yung Lee Fatt ( 隆裕发茶餐室) is a must try and many friends introduced us to go there for an afternoon tea.

Juicy pork bun with a cup of hot coffee made my day eve better.

Besides scrumptious local food at any of the restaurants/ coffee shops in town, Tawau is also famous with activities such as Borneo Safari and Car Drags for interested group of people.

Two days one night was not enough to try out all the good foods, joining activities and visiting to the beautiful islands and resorts nearby.

Maybe next visit shall be going to the nearby famous Islands and resorts!

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  1. Hi, may I know where is yung lee fatt n sin lee restaurant located? Any landmark nearby?

  2. hi there~ :)
    Maybe you would like to read about my post regarding the bun here -

    Its located at an industrial area, hmm :/ I'm not sure about the landmark over there in tawau. :)

    Most Chinese at Tawau knew the shop, maybe you could ask them personally. :)