Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm In Love with My New Addiction to Canon G12!

New year, new hope to myself and even my precious space here.

Try out with my new Canon G12 I bought last week (Saturday, 8th January, 2010) and it is awesome. However, I do have some "BUTs" that I haven't get used to it yet!

My client from my office and friends introduced me this awesome camera which also known as one of the best compacted camera for now. The colour tone was good and sharp when it was viewed using the camera and other computers, but I don't understand why was my photos become darker when I viewed them using my personal computer and its makes me quite unhappy somehow.

I love the photographs I took and it show how good was the camera.

Grass Jelly from Kedai Kopi Kheng Hing, Foh Sang, K. K.

Gifts from my dearest friend - Diana who went to Japan and Taiwan! I am envy for her fun vacation!! Arggghhhhhh!!! I want to go too!

I'm really hype with the camera and I wanted to change so badly since my previous Sony W55, Cyber- Shot was starting to get sick at Stage 1 and the silliest thing is I thought my Sony was break down while its "DISPLAY" was wrongly clicked "OFF" by my colleague during our New Year Eve lunch at Little Italy, down town and I only realised it two days before I bought the new one....

However, I still using it sometime I suppose. Pinky pinky Sony W55 that accompanied me during my days at U.K.!!!

Some secret that want to tell you - I love chicken butts!! LOLzz :D

I could eat more than 10 of it in a day and I'm going to hit the washroom after that!

The flash was great with clear definition, just like what I could see in real glass of Ice Lemon Tea from Grazie, Italian Restaurant located at down town. A must try Italian restaurant!

p/s: I did not edit any of the photos above!! That's great!

Been surveying Canon G12 the days before I bought it, to understand more about its features... However hand on skills is still the BEST SOURCE to know more about this baby.

Click the following review of Canon G12. I'm totally in love with it.


  1. G12 is a great prosumer camera. Happy shooting! :)

  2. wow G12 was semi-dslr for pro. have a nice day with it :)