Thursday, January 6, 2011

【沙巴吃】 斗湖 - 夜来香 Food in Sabah : Tawau - Cythia Eatery

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A small dinner gathering before leaving Tawau and heading to Kota Kinabalu.

FYI, I didn't had their local famous foodies!!! - The SEAFOODS!!! All the crabs and prawns.... NO!!!!

With a very owned building, Cynthia Eatery was well established in Tawau and the local people had their gathering and functions there, and I did saw it personally with the Baby full moon and HASH group of outsiders having their dinner there.

I love the photo I snap with the noodles that they are craving... Well... We are hungry, don't we?

Yea~~ A simple dinner to fill up half of our tummy before leaving the FOOD CITY. :)

Proceeded to Tawau airport that is not well maintained and I think the flight was delayed when we are leaving. And it was not the first time their flights delay!!!

GOOD BYE TAWAU... Till we meet again.


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