Friday, January 28, 2011

Dragon and Lion Dances Festival 2011, Padang Merdeka, K. K., Sabah

Attended the Dragon and Lion Dances Festival on last Saturday, 22nd January, 2011 for the first time in my 20 over years of life living in Kota Kinabalu here.

Grabbed my camera since morning and prepared myself so that I won't missed out any special things happening around town.

Enjoy with the photographs I took!

-Poster effect-

I like the effect, so cool!

-Colour Swap-

where the colour of an item will change to another colour after being snapped.


Our very own Lion Dance team that is well known internationally, representing us and went for the lion dance competition and won the first place in the world! Yes! Is THE WHOLE WORLD!

Very creative and those small actions they've done was attractive. People was cheering when they did their stunts!

Children love to touch any things that are attractive.

The pearl that the dragon was chasing.

Unicorn show that normally can be seen at functions that they have been invited and visiting to each houses during CNY and receive red packet (Ang Pao) in return.

The Unicorn going to take its red packet from the golden box leaving at the other side of the "swam".

The cute girl was dressed up by her parent and she attracts most of the people there and even tourists took photographs of her.

Overall, the show was okay... It ended before 6.00pm which was extremely earlier then previous year. Guess... not much of interested people who joined the traditional activities anymore.

Maybe that's why CNY is getting silent year by year!

Leaving that soon...

We must love our traditions... before it's too late...

It's ONE week to CNY....

Shopping in need.

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