Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Day We Reached the City & Dinner at Kedai Ayam Panggang Wong Ah Wah, Jalan Alor, K.L.

I was with my family members in a cab when we saw the Star War's character walking towards us. Was wondering what was it, he was waving his hand to all the people around and doing funny actions for us to snap his photos.

It was one of the method to attract people by, a broadband service newly launched in Malaysia.

A long walk at the shopping malls for girls and catch up with few of our friends for dinner and supper at night.

Went to KLCC and we bought products from Laneige, a Korean brand that invented great products and gave a good effect on my skin (it was like "doink doink"/ moisturised) and same responds by my other sisters too. It is affordable with large bottle that make us satisfied. Besides, their lipsticks colour are so beautiful. I love!

Back to the hotel for a rest and snapped few photographs of our goodies bought!

Wait for mom's friend to arrive and we went to Kedai Ayam Panggang Wong Ah Wah at Jalan Alor for supper. JALAN ALOR has a lot of restaurant and stalls selling good food with cheap prices too!

They told us that they serve the best Chicken Wing and attracts thousand of tourists all over the world to the restaurant for their Chicken Wings, and we were expecting scrumptious chicken wings over there.

Fresh juice that freshly blended. *Thumbs up*

Toads' legs. It was wrongly delivered to our table and I immediately snapped few photos of it. Seems delicious. mmmm...

Hokkien Mee fried with pork that we loves the most. However, it wasn't taste perfect like the one served at Lot 10's food Court located at the Ground Floor of the shopping mall.

Pan Grilled Sting Ray - A bit dried without any sauce, but it has a lot of flesh and overall the flavour was acceptable.

Here comes the chicken wings that we waited!!!

Putting high expectation and didn't met it when we had it. For them... maybe it was the best chicken wings served, but for us, we had the same thought at the first bite of the chicken wing, few of us was thinking "I think they should try our Kota Kinabalu/ Sabah very owned Honey Grilled Chicken Wings that are really tasty and the fresh chicken oil will burst out when we bite!!! I suppose different places served their foods with different style of cookings.

*Promise the best chicken wings when you come over K.K./ Sabah!*
Even the chicken wings besides the roads was great!

Overall, the food was nice for supper. And I suppose they do served other great dishes that a famous food blogger that I can't remember wrote about the restaurant.


  1. best chicken wings is in labuan.... hahahaha! :P

  2. really?? I should try it when I go to Labuan for a visit!!
    You tried the Wong Ah Wah already or not?