Monday, January 17, 2011

Coloured My Hair with Liese - Milk Tea Brown!

Coloured my hair with the famous Liese brand Bubble Hair Colour on Sunday (16.01.2011) afternoon.

Being doubt whether the colour will become as light as the cover model or not. No... I don't favour light colours such as blond, I prefer dark red and natural one...

I bought it yesterday from Watson with RM37++, and they only left two colour for me to choose with, such a hot topics now-a-days!! Girls and boys knows it!

The items inside the box. Just mix Bottle 2 in to Bottle 1, tighten it with the tube and shake it gently upside down.

p/s: Must read the manual before usage!!

Bubble Foam and run it through my hair.

For the first time to self- coloured my hair, I became crabby, my hand became my foot.

It will become something like the below after covered with all the foam. And waited for about 20 - 30 minutes and wash it.

End result was fine. Different lighting may turns out differently.

Here's the video for the actual steps to bubble coloured hair :


  1. Wow! I didnt know u dyed your hair with Liese too! I also have a post on the same product but mine was Ash Brown! hahaha!

  2. woooww.,i'm suprised... we got the same entry.. i mean about Liese Product.. but i write it in Malay...

    btw.. Nice Blog.. :)