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Monday, January 31, 2011

Coliseum Cafe & Hotel, Jalan TAR & Jalan Masjid India, K. L.

Previous post - Searching for textiles and Punjabi/ Indian Suit at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Masjid India - click here

Completed textiles buying for THP's staffs and ourselves for tailor made dresses, we went to an antique Cafe to meet my dad and the uncle.

-Coliseum Cafe and Hotel-

Established since Year 1921 during the governance of the Britain, when the people were still fancying about Cow Boys, when the famous actors such as P. Ramlee was still here for his famous evergreen movies such as Hang Tuah, Madu Tiga etc etc... (my dad adore him so much!)
Furthermore, former Prime Minister -Tunku Abdul Rahman was there for tea session too!

With a feel of antique and they manage to take care of the furniture of the coffee shop.

Coffee? Tea? or.... Nice food to eat?

The name are so tempting... Yummy! Chicken Cordon Bleu!

The view inside the coffee shop. They still keep the hanger of cow boys hat and coats in there.

Heard that the coffee shop will be full most of the time and I think we had our drink during"non peak hour". :D

Famous for their super black coffee! Very thick coffee as what you may see.

Refreshed by a cup of supreme black tea, they didn't use cheap coffee you know... It's typical hainanese coffee!!

Go there for a cup of tea and try experiencing the feel of the olden days where the famous people was there. ;)

I I love the old old feel...It's ease my mind for sure... I hate noisy place!

Besides, there is a corner that covered with photographs of the famous people from the olden days, however... I didn't manage to took some pictures because there were tourists sitting at the couch when the photographs are hang. It's quite disappointed though.

Go and have a drink at that Antique Cafe! It's a must try and must see!

98 - 100, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,
50100 K. L.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Dragon and Lion Dances Festival 2011, Padang Merdeka, K. K., Sabah

Attended the Dragon and Lion Dances Festival on last Saturday, 22nd January, 2011 for the first time in my 20 over years of life living in Kota Kinabalu here.

Grabbed my camera since morning and prepared myself so that I won't missed out any special things happening around town.

Enjoy with the photographs I took!

-Poster effect-

I like the effect, so cool!

-Colour Swap-

where the colour of an item will change to another colour after being snapped.


Our very own Lion Dance team that is well known internationally, representing us and went for the lion dance competition and won the first place in the world! Yes! Is THE WHOLE WORLD!

Very creative and those small actions they've done was attractive. People was cheering when they did their stunts!

Children love to touch any things that are attractive.

The pearl that the dragon was chasing.

Unicorn show that normally can be seen at functions that they have been invited and visiting to each houses during CNY and receive red packet (Ang Pao) in return.

The Unicorn going to take its red packet from the golden box leaving at the other side of the "swam".

The cute girl was dressed up by her parent and she attracts most of the people there and even tourists took photographs of her.

Overall, the show was okay... It ended before 6.00pm which was extremely earlier then previous year. Guess... not much of interested people who joined the traditional activities anymore.

Maybe that's why CNY is getting silent year by year!

Leaving that soon...

We must love our traditions... before it's too late...

It's ONE week to CNY....

Shopping in need.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) & Jalan Masjid India, K. L.

Previous post - click here

Reached Jalan TAR & Jalan Masjid India that show us another face of West Malaysia.

There are a lot of Indians that operates businesses and most of them are selling textiles as one of the main source of income at that area. Maybe that's how it was called "Small Indian Town" too.

Besides, the uncle who offered himself and brought us around, lead us to the largest Indian's supermarket (with Indians workers, Indians customers etc) and we found imported Arabian snacks and other similar imported goods too.

The tactics of attracting customers to buy clothes and textiles.

It was a guy with fake hair and girly dress!

Randomly walked in to a textile shop that are selling Indian/ Punjabi suit with discounted price, but not that cheap either (Anyway, it's reasonable and worth to be invested in one or two traditional dresses).

The ladies chosen few clothes while I chosen one Punjabi suit for special occasion. FYI, the seller told me that it was their last price for all the suits that they hanged, it's because they wanted to clear all the stocks that cost more than RM200.00 each after the festive season on the other day.

While waiting for my elder sister and my mom to choose for themselve, I looked around and went to my dad who was standing beside the counter, wondering what was he looking at.

Saw the man that is doing the embroidering? He is really talented with a pair of eyes and hand that could memorised and hand made stitching all the embroideries on to a cloth that his customers requested. I'm amazed!

Designing? He does have the talent to do so.

Some information that I wanted to share...

They told me that the man doing the embroidering is famous for his talent and many high level people such as Tan Sri's wife, Datins, famous Bollywood stars and many other famous people requested him to tailor made their embroideries on to their clothes.

Guess... It will be extremely expensive for him to tailor-made a dress for us. However, I love embroidered dresses that could make myself looks great during the night! I love shiny shiny.

That was my Traditional Punjabi Suit with combination of Red and Green colour that I bought from the shop at Jalan TAR, and you can't imaging how cute was it when I'm wearing. :D

All of them pursued me to buy it!

Besides, my mom bought me a textile from one of the textile shop for CNY and our usual tailor just completed the suit. The good thing is I can wear separately as a dress or a Modern Punjabi Suit at different occasions!

Nice! I love to wear dresses, and my wardrobe is going to explode anytime..... ANYTIME!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tawau : Guide for Food and Places 2D/1N V.1 【沙巴吃】 斗湖 - 2天1夜 小城观光与好吃的!

Sabah - Tawau

The scenery from above was magnificent while landing the town of Tawau.

Heard that the seafood and restaurants over there are delicious and famous too. I went to a few restaurants and they served great food with large portion compared to many of the restaurants I went at my place.

Randomly selected one of the coffee shop in town for breakfast and the food served was good.

Sin Lee Cuisine (梨园小厨)

Iced Coffee was blended for a while by substituting stiring with blending.

Besides, a large bowl of "Pan Mee" 板面 with ingredients that were given generously and fresh too. Remember to try their Fish Noodles too! It was hand made with fishes.

Morning post of Tawau that can be read for a great morning!

A random shot of the street that most of the hotels are located.

Walking to the famous Pasar Tanjung Tawau/ Tawau Market for market shopping, where local and non-local going to purchase cheap dried materials and seafood.

They still maintain the old shop in town and I noticed that the air was breezy and I doesn't felt uncomfortable while walking slowly towards our next destination.

The local snacks that taste good and crunchy. Besides, the seller was friendly too. Cheers~

The salted fish and dried scrimps and other materials for cooking.

The famous pork bun from Kedai Kopi Yung Lee Fatt ( 隆裕发茶餐室) is a must try and many friends introduced us to go there for an afternoon tea.

Juicy pork bun with a cup of hot coffee made my day eve better.

Besides scrumptious local food at any of the restaurants/ coffee shops in town, Tawau is also famous with activities such as Borneo Safari and Car Drags for interested group of people.

Two days one night was not enough to try out all the good foods, joining activities and visiting to the beautiful islands and resorts nearby.

Maybe next visit shall be going to the nearby famous Islands and resorts!

Browse through my two days, one night Tawau's trip here. - click

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chinese New Year Just Around the Corner!

Left less than two weeks till Chinese New Year 2011 (3rd February, 2011) and same as my 10th years anniversary that fall on the same day.

As usual, went to my mom's shop and there was an event nearby that one of the temple in town was doing some sorts of like a ceremony there.

And it's time for me to snap snap snap... Try out with my new camera!

Eye dotting ceremony.

Awaken the lions!!


Dragon dance.

It's requires team work and it will make the dragon danced beautifully.

Captured the right moments will make the photographs stand out!

How's everyone preparing their CNY? A bit too rush doesn't it?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

十号胡同 - Lot 10 Hutong at Bukit Bintang, K. L.

Heard that they had improved a lot and changed their concept in to combination of most of the famous and tasty food stalls under one roof for public to taste the wonderful dishes they can serve.

Lot 10 Hutong located at Lot 10 Shopping Mall, Bukit Bintang, KL.

Very oldish feel when entering the food court at the basement. Iit was decorated with old bicycle, phones, irons and many more.

Wow~~ I love egg tarts!!

ala Hong Kong famous tarts was there!

The concept of the food court, a bit of modern decoration I guess?

Hokkien Mee by Kim Lian Kee of later generation!!! It was tasty and recommended to try!!!

Honkee Porridge! 香港粥!

I love porridge and I can have porridge for few days straight!

I had mixed and match that combined with options selected by my self - raw fish and century egg. It cost me RM8.20 with tax included.

Our clean flat plate and bowl! Yummy! A must go place when we are searching for affordable foods at a air-conditioned environment.

Besides, one more recommended dessert is DURIAN CENDOL! I don't know why, but KL's cendol are delicious!! Yummy!

Next station ----- We are going to Small Indian Town and Klang!