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Friday, December 30, 2011

【博客分享记】My Favorite Bloggers Friends!

 Less than 30 hours and it's the beginning of another great year (or otherwise?) - Year 2012

To sum up my blogging Year 2011, I shall write a post to remind myself for today. In this period of time (for the year 2011), I met awesome bloggers who eventually become my friends after sometime. 

Indeed they are nice, funny, smart and we do have those "clicks" with each others. :)

Some of them featured me at their blogs and now it the time for PAYBACK! lolz :D No la... I really appreciate our friendship okay? :)

- Beverly and Charlotte -

Both are bubbly in person! Beverly (left) from "Take Another Step" and Charlotte (right) from "It's that Blogger Charlotte Fong!" (Nice Blogname Charlotte!) ;)

First, Beverly found my blog and I met her at her old working place - Boutique Cupcakes to collect my giveaway that I have won from her blog, After, we were much knowing each other after few times of tea session and indoor rock climbing which she would die for it. (My Gosh!). 

While Charlotte, I read her blog once or twice before I met her in person along with Beverly who asked Charlotte out for a short lunch discussion. With all those extra activities like Hennessy Artistry 2011 and Pretty Wild Diva's events, we talked, we laughed. :) (In hearing of partner in crime?)

- Hayden from "Hayden Chan" -

Quite a gentleman in person, once in a while catching up with each other in events (normally just coincidence bumping into him).... which I will be attending them once in a blue moon. :D Both of us do share and helping each other through blogging. ;) An inspiring blogger indeed... with words shared.


 - Henry from "CleverMunkey" -

My first Sifu at blogging but he doesn't really agreed with that statement I presume. Once he was back in Sabah and managed to drop by in KK, me and Chloe meet up with him at our famous Yoyo Cafe for a drink. And yea.... A little chit chat and what a small world after all (with mutual friends) and he did shared some tips to gain traffics too! :D Which are super useful! 

 - Sherrie (right) from "Cutebun" -

Commented each others blog and finally meet up with her personally at Hennessy Artistry 2011. She is one happening blogger in Sarawak and she love lomography!

 - Thanis from "Cookie Monster" -

A food blogger from Brunei which I managed to know him through Twitter before we keep in touch more at social network. He came to Kota Kinabalu this month (December 2011) and he was so nice that he baked cookies for all of his friends in Sabah which included ME too! It was crunchy and scrumptious cookies. :) I like it and same goes to my parents who I have gave them for a try.

- Wilson (left) from "Places and Foods" -

One of my new friend who met through blogging. Never meet him in person but we do keep in touch once in a while through social network, he sure is one of the inspiring blogger who visited quite a lot of places and non the less, the foods which he have attempted to. I could only see those photos shared but can't eat. -_-

So yea~ Through out the year with all those comments, opinions and tips shared by them and readers through out the year(s), I think my blog is getting better and better each month, never the less, style of our own is a must have to represent the uniqueness of an individual :). Thanks to them by sharing their thoughts and tips about blogging. (Once I heard, a good blogger wouldn't mind sharing their thoughts and tips to others about blogging - Words by @CleverMunkey.) Thus, I still remember it and I do have friends who asked me about blogging too. :) You know who you are. :P

Meeting with them make me realised that I still have a life of my own within the virtual world and reality. haha :D

p/s 1 : I hope some of you won't hate me after I have posted this entry. (Yaiks!) No matter how far does this blog goes, anyone could be my friends too. :).... "Ello!"

p/s 2 : Resolution for my blog next year - Be happening and sharing informative "resources" here! :) How about you?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hungarian Cuisine at Chilli Vanilla, KK for Afternoon Tea & Anniversary Dinner!

Something new and it is a hot topics among words of mouth in KK here.

Friend were asking whether I heard about the Hungarian cuisine in town. I would say Yes, I read their reviews before and even went there for a couple of times. It is not a huge cafe but sitting in that cozy space, I felt comfortable and a short chit chat session is nice.

First attempt was having afternoon tea with meatball during one Saturday afternoon. What else could I be doing after 3.00pm after working overtime at the office? :)


- Chilli Vanilla -

- Lemon Grass Tea -

Various tea for selection from Earl Grey Tea to some local tea. :) Besides, they do serve coffee too, but I'm not having one for that day. :)

Once a tourist friend tried their Affogato (Espresso with ice cream) which recommended by the owner and he told us that it taste good after he had his sip.

- Chicken Liver Pate -

I kind of like this one! 

Although it's chicken liver, it taste good, the combination of homemade fresh bread and the red vegetable, yes, it taste good indeed.

And we had cake for afternoon tea. How nice?

- Red Velvet Cake *Recommended* -

One of their famous home made cake!

One of my friend was talking about it again and how lucky that I had it during my first visit there. :) We might need to try luck our to see whether the Red Velvet cake is available or not, maybe a phone call to confirm with them is sufficient. ;)

The texture was soft, we could cut the cake without being spoiled and the leftover was all over the places. :)

Very good!

Total spending for our tea : RM32.90

- The Counter -

The do serve wine and beer too. Chilling out with friends for secrets at night should be nice. :) Something caught my eye, those chillies hanging on the wall.

- The Menu -

They served nicely for an individual portion for each dish served.

Second attempt : On the second week, we booked seats at Chilli Vanilla and celebrated our parents' wedding anniversary. :) There's when we had our dinner and making the lady boss feeling stress like we were the food inspectors. (lol) And there's she recognised me and meatball more. ;)

Below are some of our dishes which I managed to try during my parent's anniversary celebration.

- Calamansi Mojito -

I never tried Mojito before and I dislike it on my first attempt. :S

 - The Platter *Recommended* -

I like this one, nice combination with meatballs, fresh baked bread, salad and special sauces. It is a nice selection for finger food.

 - Pumpkin Soup @ RM9.90 -

We were having their "Today Special", fresh pumpkin soup with generous amount of pumpkin fillings. 

- Assorted Mushrooms @ RM9.90 -

Treat this as a snack should be nice. Taste, still okay. As for the bread, yes, we should try them! Its fresh baked daily!

- Couscous with bread -

Served together with Moroccan Inspired Lamb Stew. Couscous is something like rice for us to consume with side dishes.

- Moroccan Inspired Lamb Stew @ RM15.90 -

Lamb stew by them taste so-so, nothing special to shout out about. ;)

I had a bite of my dad Oxtail Assam Pedas too, which I felt like both lamb stew and Oxtail having similar taste in their cooking.

- Chicken Roulade @ RM 14.80 *Recommended* -

Personally, I love this one! My whole family love it! :) Stuffed with cheese and spinach and more.

- Chocolate Cake * Recommended * -

Certified that Chilli Vanilla serve good desserts!

The texture was nice, creamy and surprisingly a hint of chilli powder inside the cake (Something new). Very nice indeed, we won't feel bored and dislike with some much chocolate consumption at one time. :)

On my recent visit there with family's friends, we tried their brownie serving with ice cream. Oh my, brownies combined with the ice cream, taste heavenly.Besides, they do serve Tiramisu too and I heard that their Cheese Cakes are good. :) Might try them out next time.

Another relaxing place for cakes and coffees in town. :)

Restaurant : Served No Pork.
Location : Ground Floor, Lot 35, Jln Haji Saman 88000 K.K., Sabah.
Same row with Little Italy, 7 Eleven and even Moonbell Restaurant or to be exact, opposite KK Emporium/ Wisma Merdeka. Not a huge restaurant, but with a decent main entrance.
Contact No. : 088- 238 098

Monday, December 26, 2011

I met Simpson Family, Spiderman and Stuart Little at Blackpool, UK (Part 3)

 Hey~~ Happy Boxing Day to all. What do you received for this year Christmas present? :D

So today gonna continue with the Third chapter of Day Trip in Blackpool, UK. I'm quite happy that readers love what have I written about Blackpool previously. :)

First of all, I would say shopping in Blackpool was good compared with all those crowds at the outlets in Liverpool City. A calm destination for shopping and shops for quality goodies and non the less the bargain. I bought most of my gifts (clothes/ tops) for my family most of it were from there! Primark, Top Shop, Dorothy Perkins et cetera.

- My newly bought (Back then in Year 2008) Jacket from Miss Selfridge, Blackpool -

I love it and it take care of me when I was studying in UK back then and I still keep them until today... but keep it in my drawer. :P The weather in Malaysia is not suitable for such jacket, anyway I'm gonna take it out before I forget and :D bring it on my next trip in March 2012! :)

Along the street of various outlets, we walked by an animated characters outlet - I didn't noticed the shop's name but those Marvel, Pixar's characters and other interesting characters just caught our eyes. We went in there and asked the nice gentlemen for permission to snap a few photographs and he said YES! :) Never ask, never know ;) All of us was happy and taking photos around and look around.

- Cheshire Cat from "Alice in Wonderland" and Sulley from "Monster Inc." -

- King Kong with :/ with Barbie and Superman behind -

- Spiderman -

My head was singing "Spiderman Spiderman... or Spiderpig Spiderpig by the Simpson, if you could recall.

- Stuart from "Stuart  Little" -

- I never come across this character before -

Besides those, I saw character from "Star War", the Baby from "Family Guy" and so much more.

That's all for our little tour inside there. :) And thank you for the nice gentleman to let us snapping photographs there without purchasing anythings! In a matter of facts, I normally found games outlets in Malaysia selling more on Japanese animation say, characters like Arale, Ranma, One Piece, sexy Japanese animation miniatures and others which differentiate with what I have found in UK. Preference counts anyway.

- The Simpson Family -

So yea~ I "met" the Simpson and his family while watching the public walk by (like a TV screen) through the glass window of the outlet. :D Nothing could stop me to take photo with it before we headed to the next visiting place!

- Street for shopping and foods -

Walking between those shops and streets, I'm just loving those people and what I saw. Everything look nice in UK. Anyway, we did bought souvenirs too! I love to collect key chains and fridge magnets to add on to my mom's refrigerator, even until now which my mom bought few from her China trip.

- Next destination -

Drizzling rain went heavier while we were on our way, we did stop by at Subway to grab a drink and continued our walk to the well known Park of Blackpool.

Finally.... after all those walking....

- Stanley Park -

Say "Hello" to Stanley Park!

Finally we arrived happily at Stanley Park after a long walking distance (a really long one) to the recommended park of Black Pool. Way back then, as a students, all the things we could do was to budget ourselves and by foot we walked here and there. Once in a while, I look back all the photographs, they just amazed me with our strong determination towards... travel. :) 

Visiting to Stanley Park will be the next write up on Blackpool. Stay tuned. :) 

Friends who are reading this, how are you lately?

p/s : I was searching for images without me, but not much of such photos in my album. :( So... hopefully you won't get bored with my face. :P *blush*

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Survival on Christmas 2011 for me. Speechless.

 Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho~

Hope I'm not late to write a post for my kind of Christmas this year. :) Merry Christmas to all my awesome readers and amazing bloggers who I met personally through events and chill out session. Without you all, my blog won't be expanding until now. :)

My kind of Christmas this year was speechless, didn't had a fest like most of you had. Listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album as my last solution. Sigh... I do miss Christmas carols and KL so badly, especially when I read blogposts about Christmas and friend who flew to KL and other amazing places to celebrate (fml).

Parents and two of mine and both elder sisters were not in town since the day before Christmas Eve (23rd) for wedding dinner at Sarawak and only be back on 25th's.... NIGHT, which leave me no choice but to survive on my own, find my own activities and so on. Maybe some will be asking about Chloe, yea~ She have a plan for herself, never get bored. :P

Terence? A work to complete on Christmas season. :( Oh well~

- Breakfast : Instant Cappuccino and cookies - 

As you all know, what do Coffee Addicts will do normally. :D The Pineapple tart were good! All the way from K.L. :)

 - Lunch/ Brunch : Instant Noodles and HAAGEN-DAZS! -

I think I never left unaccompanied at home for days before. I was frustrated with things to be cared at home and giving that "Black Face" to Terence.  Bought ice cream to make me happy, at least chilled down my mixed feeling of anxious and what so ever. Instant noodle (so lame) to survive for lunch and the sad thing is I even over-cooked them with that microwave. ;'(

Going out for lunch was way jam in town, I'm a house worm :P.

 - Belated birthday Gift -

Received gift the day before Eve from Meatball's friend who knew me for a long time. :) At least something to be happy about these days.

 - Afternoon : ZenQ for Chill Out Session -

Dated Beverly but she was busy on Christmas Eve and met up with my cousin who was back for holiday from Singapore and FYI, he is a new blogger in town for last minute chill out session at ZenQ which newly operated since last week.

So, now I know how important friends are.

Edwin love photography, maybe you should visit his blog HERE!

- ZenQ, Lintas Square -

So, how about my Christmas Eve Dinner? Eating Double Mushroom Swiss Set and munching infront of Terence. (lolz) Watching movie from the 90's and went home for next #EssentialDailyDo - Online and countdown with movies again infront of my laptop. Sighhhhh..... And Twitter made me happy during midnight with all those awesome greetings from friends and bloggers.
That's my survival of unhealthiness of foods on this two days. -____- At least I'm still alive and felt like puking over the instant noodle.
And today, Its Christmas, still sitting here infront of my laptop, had Instant noodle for brunch with coffee (:S) and hopefully Terence will call me out for a drink in the afternoon.
In conclusion, Fast food is the last solutions to stay at home. #foreveralone. :P

Happy Christmas ya'all. :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Malaysia Guide : Melaka/ Malacca (V.1) : 2 Days 1 Nights 【马六甲游】

Hey~ It's Christmas eve, how's everyone doing? :D My day should be okay hopefully, guess will be chilling with my Haagen Dazs green tea ice cream later in the afternoon. :P

I knew that I have written an Overview on my Malacca trip during September and FINALLY, I'm finishing my complete list of foods and visiting places now with all links in a row!! Yeah~

I hereby present you...

FOODS that I have attempted and INTERESTING PLACES that I have visited in Malacca! Just click on those linked words below each photograph to read about my reviews!

Highly recommended restaurant from my personal experience and friends around!

Antiques and many more items that we could personally see.

It is not the best Chicken Rice shop in Malacca although there's many people having chicken rice from that shop. I must say it was over-rated with all the crowds in and outside of the shop. :(

Its all about the history. :) I heard it when I was still a primary school student studying history.

The tradition and I'm loving hand made items. :) Its symbolised the decent way of the Nyonya.

It's another kind of experience during the night. I felt like walking in to another world (the older world).

Highly recommended by local people. I like it there.

- Our Stay at Historical Puri Hotel -

My friends/ readers said that the REAL antiques are there. And FYI, it was my first time writing a review about hotel I was staying, which apparently I found it quite meaningful and worthy for a write up.

That's all for my Malacca Trip 2011 and do enjoy reading all of them. 

Have a great holidays for two to three days in a row!



Lets jingle jangle all the way. :D

Friday, December 23, 2011

CUTEBUN - You've WON the Giveaway # 2 by Withinmeitzeu!

Drum Rollssssss~

Winner for GIVEAWAY #2 was drawn!

- Giveaway # 2 -


 - List of Bloggers entered -

 TO :

- The RESULT -

Cutebun from (Click) you just help me drawn the result! :D

Click the images for larger view!

Cutebun! Will contact you soon! :P

As for those who didn't win, don't feel sad, there's always a NEXT GIVEAWAYSS!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

I need Votes! :) - X'Mas Special by L'Occitane

Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Another one month to CNY, how exciting. :) I had a fest justnow and how was yours? Had your Tang Yuan? :D
So about the VOTES, I have entered a small competition by L'Occitane and would love to request a simple VOTE from all my readers!

My closes friends know I love products with Fragrance. :) And I do love products by L'occitane too. 

PLEASE PLEASE Please vote for me and I wish to win the goodies by them. Pleaseee~~~~ :)

- My Fancy Decorated Tree named "withinmeitzeu"  -

(which I'm not that creative in creating fancy name for my tree)

Please vote for my tree which I have decorated above!! 

The link is HERE!

PLEASE AND MILLION THANK YOU! I'm working out with my new entry tonight, stay excited okay?! :) 

And don't forget to enter the GIVEAWAY that will be ending tomorrow!!

p/s : You can vote for my pretty tree daily until the X'Mas Special ended (I'm not sure when will be it)!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Taiwan : TaiChung - Feng Jia in 12 Hours! 【台湾游】 台中之逢甲的十二小时!

Part 2 of Feng Jia, TaiChung!

In previous post, we had a "nice" experience with our brunch at 野澤三 "Ye Ze San" before we explored further about Feng Jia. 

Being the largest and happening destination of TaiChung, we will see and found so much of foods, cheap goodies, cheap fashionable items and whatever you might found interesting to bring home and as in, SO MUCH MONEY to buy ALL the nice tempting goodies!

I would like to describe Taiwan as "Shopping Heaven" in short, suitable for younger generation that favour shopping more.

- Adidas Outlet -

- Adidas Outlet -

FYI, we stayed at Feng Jia area, which we could find designers shoes hereby so much designs that Malaysia could hardy find. Nice to see and I bet the price does not cost cheap too. :S Limited edition some more!

- Arai Cha -

Compared with the beverage and prices with Cha Time of Malaysia (I never tried Gong Cha before), price are much cheaper in Taiwan. RM5.90 for a similar drink in Malaysia, only cost RM3.90 by Arai Cha of Taiwan and same applies to other Taiwan beverage stores/ stalls.

The drink I have shared with Meatball was refreshing with a kind of fruits that is good for digestion and cooling down the body heat.

- Bei Jing Barbeque -

So much food offered while we were happily exploring Taiwan, I found out that Taiwanese just love to eat food like fried, barbeque, noodles and less on rice a.k.a normal meal like us. May I say that they don't really have time for a normal meal, snacks of all kinds made them full (which it was true by referring to a local Taiwanese friend of Doggie's owner.)

- Local University - Feng Jia University -

I saw students walking pass by us at the stall where we were having breakfast on the second day before we leave to explore the tourist destinations! I'm loving Sun Moon Lake of Nan Dao, which I will talk more about it on the later posts.

- Buy all you CAN! -

- Shopping -

Ice Hippo's Owner said she love TaiChung more on their shopping which are much cheaper then Taipei. :P But I LOVE TAIPEI MORE! Oh... I still love the scenery of Taiwan. :)

- Street of Feng Jia -

It might look nothing special during the day, but the night... The whole place is CRAZY and flooded with human sea!!

So there's our after brunch with shopping and a little exploration of day time at Feng Jia before evening (the time we explored the night life), I bought few tops and accessories that I love! Quite happy though but I hate the weather.. It's summer and it was freaking warm when I visited there. :( Not cool at all~

We went back to the room that we have rented and had a short rest before we continue exploring the night life of Feng Jia, one kind of experience which not much of us could see!

- Welcome to Feng-Chia Night Market (逢甲观光夜市) -

Here I comes with a short teaser of my next post of Feng Jia.

- The well known Big Sausage cover Small Sausage (大肠包小肠)-

They love it, but I was not in love with it. -__- And yet, must try ALL FAMOUS LOCAL DELICACIES when we travel and act as if we are the locals too!! I like it feels.

After visiting Feng Jia Night Market.. My conclusion is, freaking awesome with varieties of foods (likes and dislikes), which I found them.... hmm... not much of us would love it. ;) So much of an oily food.

So okay, stop right there and...

Stay tuned for the next! ;)

Location : Feng Jia, TaiChung, Taiwan (台湾)
Photo credit : Most photos took from Carlos (Meatball's friend). :)

p/s : Join my Giveaway HERE, before 23rd December, 2011!