Thursday, December 30, 2010

【沙巴吃】 斗湖 - 隆裕发茶餐室 之猪肉包 Food in Sabah : Tawau - Famous Pork Bun by Kedai Kopi Yung Lee Fatt

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One of our group mate was talking about a pork bun which the meat's oil will "burst" out when we bite it during our bus journey to the town, bringing our imagination that the bun was so good that it could melt my taste buds. Nyum~

And my friends from Tawau was introducing the same coffee shop too! Then, it should be very famous!

At the first sight, I was wondering when I reached an industrial around Tawau and I thought we are heading to the wrong place, but the person who drive us there was the local residents there and they won't make mistake since they brought so many people there already.

In fact, the shop really located around the industrial area. Many tourists and locals went there just for their pork bun which I'm tempted to have a try too.

The Pork Bun which we are waiting for~~

My tummy still full during our bun exploration and my aunt said that

"Since you came all the way from K. K. to Tawau, each of us must have one bun!!"


Neither one of us (the ladies) could finish the bun we had except for the meat inside.

About it taste..... Hmm~~~ It's large and it's filled with so much ingredients that everyone will love it! I think it will taste even better if I'm not that full from the breakfast I had after we reached the hotel.

Blurrppppp****** (Excuse me)

Kit Chai Shui Ping to flush all the food I had and the sour taste made my tummy felt better.

Nice drink!

Besides pork bun, they serve Dim Sum too!

A must go local coffee shop when we go to Tawau! Ask them for direction!


Browse through my old photographs and I found one of my favorite picture during my studies in KL three or four years ago with tasty pork bun shared with my younger sister!

It's 叶子梅大包 (Yea Zhi Mei Big Bun). Huge, floated with meat and tasty!