Saturday, December 25, 2010

This Christmas, Last Christmas.... and Santa Baby for you!

My Christmas for this year is meaningness, but staying home lazying around and went out a while for a cup of tea.

How was your Christmas this year?

Oh yea~ Heard lots of fire crackers sound around here. Guess... some events going on in town.


Sharing some Christmas songs that I love!

Last Christmas by Wham

A 1960's Christmas song which I love the most!

While this is the Last Christmas by Taylor Swift's version and I still prefer the original old school version of Last Christmas by Wham!

Found out that Santa Baby was also sang by Taylor Swift too. I like her happy-go-lucky version!

In facts, I love all Christmas song~ Very comfortable to listen to them. :)

It's Christmas (12.12am, 25th December, 2010).


Do enjoy these festive season.