Wednesday, December 22, 2010

【沙巴吃】 斗湖 : 美食天堂 Food in Sabah : Tawau - A Town with Heavenly Eateries

Flew to Tawau for 2 days, 1 night stay for some private things going on. Not only me, but hundreds of us went there together with different group of people.

I would like to conclude the trip as a GREAT FOODS JOURNEY!! Was tweeting and facebook-ing using my smartphone all the way from Tawau during those 2 days. Informed my friends that I will be at Tawau on that duration and they ask me to go and try the great foods of their hometown.. The Pork Bun, the seafoods etc etc... So nice!

I really enjoyed those foods over there so much and took a little time off from this city!

The view from above during the day was amazing while it was landing!

Wake up before 5.30 am to get things ready for the 6.50 am flight! It's tiring and I have to smile even though 'm really really exhausted! The flight took about 50 minutes from Kota Kinabalu to reach Tawau.

Expecting a small and old appearance airport when we reached Tawau.

You will know what I meant if you have the chance to visit that Town.

Mom told me that Tawau is an old town with an undeveloped environment. From what I could see while I'm in the bus surveying the view outside (on my way to the hotel which took about /more than 30 minutes from the airport), it's a mixture of old buildings and bored feeling. However some parts of the road is smooth and well maintained and it's better than our's here. FYI, we can't ran from bumpy road over there too.

Reached hotel and leave our belongings in the room and seek for the FOOD!!!!

It's BREAKFAST time!!!! We are starving by the time we reached!

Had our breakfast at the randomly selected Chinese Coffee Shop nearby (the first shop with purple paint).

- 梨园小厨 Sin Lee Cuisine -

The food was great even though it was just a random pick, therefore as an advise, we don't have to worry about our selection of dishes at Tawau. Most of it are tasty! (Can't say all, because I haven't visit all of the restaurants yet!) We can just sit down and order anything that we like.

Found out that most of the Chinese Coffee Shop there have similar food as the above.

So called "Yong" something something... Hmm... It's like a food stuffed with meat in it. And Malaysian love to have it ala cart or with noodles as breakfast.

There's something special about their drinks! They blended it with seconds and made the Iced Coffee and Iced Nescafe taste wonderful with smooth textured bubbles!!

板面 "Pan Mian" or Flat Noodles.

It's extremely huge portion at Tawau! Generous amount of ingredients that the stall owners will gave us.

***** Slurp*****

Even the mushrooms they provide are the good graded one.

It filled my taste buds!

See the Kon Lou Mee and the Fish Noodles? Tasty pork and the Fish Noodles surprised me, it's so huge and filled the big bowl. I can't found such a big bowl of noodles in the city yet!!

If I'm not mistake, it's around RM7.00 for each of the dishes we had that day.

Some information to let my dearest readers know about Tawau...

They have Morning Post just like West Malaysia have their night post which K. K. don't have!!!


Stay tuned for the next must know and must buy things at Tawau!

To be continued....

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  1. Anywhere else to eat in Tawau..I need Pork..LOL like i'm in dire straits