Friday, December 24, 2010

【沙巴游】 斗湖 - 海产 Fun in Sabah : Tawau - Local Production a.k.a. The Dried Foods

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Finished our scrumptious Chinese Stall breakfast, we walked around town and heading towards our next station.

I snapped a few photographs of the surrounded building and scenery while walking nearby. Looks familiar right? (Just like those old shoplots at Inanam or some areas of the city)

They still maintained the old shoplots and there were so many of them!

There was one weird looking club over there... It's like a jungle themed pub!

Walking walking walking~~ Experience the surrounding!

Oh yea~~~ The air was breezy and not very hot and it's comfortable to walk around.

Reached Pasar Tanjung Tawau/ Tawau Market!!

Tawau Market is one of the place where a lot of people go there to buy salted fish, snacks and other cheap stuff before leaving Tawau either by land or by air.

Snacks anyone?? Various choices for us to select~ It blurred my eye~

Finger food is so tasty especially during movie time at home and cinemas! Yummy and its finger licking good!

Went to the second floor of the market and we could see so many salted fish and other seafoods. Some of them bought few pieces of the salted fish which known as "Mui Hiong" 梅香。。。 The "heavy duty" salted fish! =D

No.... I didn't buy any salted fish even my dad forced me tooooooooo~~~~ I only bought few kilos of dry shrimps for my family and my uncles who requested it.

See!!! Those dry shrimps are mine! My group of people's eyes blinked when I bought all of those. *shy shy*

The "GOOD" sign of dry food at Tawau!!!

Big and small boxes before going home! The round round fish snacks taste good and is a must buy if we seen one!

*Tour to Tawau can be managed by Tropical Holiday Paradise.

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  1. I love the salted fish there ! But the things more expensive today.