Friday, December 3, 2010

Pepper Jack's Pizza Grill, Lintas, K.K., Sabah

 Updated on 22.09.2011 - The Restaurant has closed down.

Been to the restaurant for few times after their soft opening.

Heard moderate comments and bad comments about it, the bad one really made my sister's friends pissed with their service!

As for me, with a price of within RM10.00 to buy a lunch is still okay and the food... I don't really like their spaghetti, it's overcook the other day!

However, I like their drinks but I forget what it was called. Remember to try this drink with soda and ice cream!

The Pizzas~~ I tried all of it, but few of us prefer the Mustard Pizza which doesn't have the heavy flavour mustard in it. The bad thing is the bread was not crunchy and does not make me wanna eat it over and over again. No feel lar.... what to do??

How good if the Pizza was crunchy with lots of cheese on it, just like the pizzas from Wisma Merdeka, prepared by Philippines' chef!

The one I love the most! The mushroom soup! It was full during my first visit, but it turns to be smaller portion on the next visit. *sigh***** Maybe it's because we were having Lunch combo?

Below some of the western food that we had :-

The Australian Burger,
they use real cutted meat! But, it was a bit dry. The fries was good!

The Grilled Chicken

and the Chicken Chop!

The service was a bit slow during our first visit (they told us that the chef was preparing alone and the newly hired didn't come for work, so please bear with it).

FYI, the even have tea time set in the afternoon/ evening. Bread and coffee etc.

Lintas Plaza, The same row with Pizza Hut and City Vegetarian Restaurant.

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  1. the chicken chop looks nice but the portion looks a bit small >_<