Sunday, December 26, 2010

Orchids Show at Suria Sabah, K. K, Sabah


Few weeks ago, few of us went to Suria Sabah for shopping and attended the Orchid Show which held through out the weekend!

We have the opportunity to see the different prizes that won by the Orchids' owners from those Orchids' competition which held through out the years.

We saw thousand of orchids there and I learnt some Orchid's species too.

I like the below species, it's pink in colour and it's small like my thumb!

I like this too, the Wine Festival which is wine red in colour.

For your information, my mom's wedding bouquet was Orchids and not roses!!!

I was wondering.... whether I can have Orchids in my wedding too... Hmm~~~~~~~~~~~ Perhaps money can do all the tricks! ;P

I saw Spider webs on the Orchid. =_="

We went to the lower ground where all the Orchids and flowers were themed for different kinds of purpose, all the Flora and Fauna parks joined to show too.

Taman Pertanian Sabah /The Agricultural Park of Sabah (direct translation) located at Tenom, it is also known as the famous flora and fauna's park here! For your information, many good things came from Tenom with regards to fruits!!!

Aparts from Orchids, we can see paintings around the corner. An artists was drawing there~

Smile smile Orang Utan!

Yea~~ Going to end this post with a painting that represent Borneo!


It's close to my heart, okay? And i hate people criticising it!


  1. When it comes to wedding bouquets, orchids sound so much more sophisticated than roses.

  2. Yup! It's just extraordinary. It's beautiful. :)