Friday, December 31, 2010

Mei Tzeu's Year of 2010

Happy New Year Guys!

Was out from morning with family and at night went out with T for his family gathering and joined his friends for drinking a little before saying bye bye to Year 2010. :)

How was yours? Hmm... Ending my 2010 with a little blissful today. Bought 2 dress. Haha :D

Gonna make things sweet and simple.

My 2010 was a mixture with happy and sad.

He been caught by police which was not a good thing and it's okay for now. My Sony camera was certified death yesterday during my office New Year Eve lunch. :( Planned to buy Canon G12 as one of my toy! Upgrading!

Job - was good, stress, ofcause YES.

Branded handbags - Check! Blackberry smartphone - Check! :D

Been to Singapore for the first time with my own expenses to bear and I'm going to there again to complete my Universal Studio!!

Been to KL for little sister's graduation and Pahang for the over million years of precious National Park. It really great to go for places and restaurant all over the world and share in this special space for me.

Bought an awesome and magical pendant from Jerantut, Pahang which is a lucky stone for me.

Be a sponsored Blogger by Nuffnang for Stompin Sabah, which was awesome and have $$ for that, but haven't receive till now...

Gonna say 2010 was NOTTHATGREAT...and mixed with awesomeness. And hope for the best for me and all my friends around me. Especially T.

Happy New Year peepz! And happy to have you all to enjoy my posts all over the year! And those who never enjoy, then what to do la...

Bye bye! I have fun first on this New Year Eve. :D

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