Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cosplay at Hobbycon 2010, City Mall, K.K., Sabah.

Never thought that I could have the chance to be one of the audience of Hobbycon 2010's event going on at City Mall, K. K. this afternoon.

At the first place, my sister's friend, invited her for a cup of afternoon tea at City Mall, K. K. and I had join them too. We searched for a parking space for more than 1 hour and I was starving in the car!

Cut the craps!!

After the nice afternoon tea we had, we went to the Hobbycon 2010 held at their main entrance/hall. There were a lot of people in their animation characters and I'm impressed with their efforts to doll up themselves! I saw Masked Riders, The hero of Sailormoon and so much animated characters to be mentioned and most of it I never seen before~

Yus, the man in his costume above impressed most of us and I'm glad that he took the first prize for the event today! Besides, I could see he was sweating and I could see from his facial expression that the costume was quite heavy too.

Saw those two "Kawaii" girls above? They were one of the pretty girls over there.
BTW, the right with cat's paws was my sister's friend girlfriend! ;P

Well... I felt that they were enjoying a lot with the Cosplay's event this afternoon, however we might not be able to feel the same way about it since some of us may not like such animation In facts, everyone do have their interests right?

Towards the end was the distributions of certificates to all the participants who took part in the show listed and the above were the winners of Hobbycon 2010 on 11th December, 2010.

Yus really impressed me a lot!

I saw DEATH NOTE character there too!! The Ghost and I think I didn't saw "L" over there.

Heard that the event was participated by a lot of Sabahan this year with comparison to previous Hobbycon Event held on 2009.

What I could say is... Not bad! It's impressed me since this was my first attempt to such event.


By any "artists" that would love to show their talents!

To end this post with cupcakes (RM30 for 6 pieces) by Boutique cupcakes that us (me and my elder sister) bought at the event!

DORAEMON and .....

The event held for two days, on 11th December 2010 and 12th December 2010!

A question that my sister's friend asked me justnow...

Why no people want to be Hello Kitty as the character one? Maybe I should try it one day.... hmmm *thinking* (And it's never going to happen!)

A short video for you to enjoy. Do enjoy their Magic Show :


  1. large man? he has a name, his name is Yus :) hahahahahaXD large man lagi tu, kasian him XD

    yup, congratz to him~ nice entry too~ wish i could be there to experience it all :)

  2. hehehe. ;)
    Thank you for informing his name.
    Have a great day!

  3. nice lor... i saw many old timer in the picture u took :)

    seriously i never really went to a cosplay event before. Haha!

  4. You should go and enjoy the event, although it was a bit weird larr...
    But syok! Happy to see ppl enjoying!

    But, I really angry with my camera... it's getting old and quality... *sighhhh****

  5. Hello, I noticed that you took a picture of my friends and I with our backs facing the camera. While I appreciate that you took the effort to write about us costume-players and of the convention, I do stress that you should have asked our permission for a proper photograph. True, it would seem that we were engrossed with our conversation then but we wouldn't have turned down posing for a shot for you if you had asked us politely. And by the way, not all the costume-players were of "anime" category.

    With my sincere apology, I would have to ask you to remove the photo (