Friday, December 10, 2010

【沙巴游】 兵南邦 Fun in Sabah : Penampang - The Fresh Water Aquaculture Station, Kg. Babagon

Continued from what had I missed from my previous post - click here!

In facts, the educational trip was a little bored if we didn't mix around and be apart of it.

The next visiting was -

The Fresh Water Aquaculture Station,

we were late by the time we reach, however the person in charge unlock the entrance for us so that we can take a look inside.

I took some pictures while waiting for the group of students learn about the aquaculture of Kg. Babagon.

We saw tropical fishes inside those ponds!!

After the visiting, we went back to the river and there was a booth that completed with a stage, drums set and all of us went to a "conference room" for short video that introduces Kg. Babagon.

Completed with the short video, the people in charge distributed fish food for us! And we are going to have fun by fish feeding at the river side.

For your information, "Tagal" was done at the river. Besides, "Tagal" is a type of freshwater fishing system that protect the rivers and fisheries for their sustainable (never ending) development.

No fishes can be catch if it is not Tagal season!!

There were fishes went up to the surface when we feed them. I suppose if the weather was good, there will be hundred of fishes "fighting" for those fish foods!

See? People still swimming there~

An afternoon tea session served after the visiting, before we headed to the next destination!

The people of Kg. Babagon sang a few songs (including "Sayang Kinabalu") for us and the student group did learned the local Sumazau dances before leaving Kg. Babagon.

"Fly like a bird and swim like a fish!"

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  1. Tagal's the best ever! Let the fish grow big then catch em all when it's time.