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Friday, December 31, 2010

Mei Tzeu's Year of 2010

Happy New Year Guys!

Was out from morning with family and at night went out with T for his family gathering and joined his friends for drinking a little before saying bye bye to Year 2010. :)

How was yours? Hmm... Ending my 2010 with a little blissful today. Bought 2 dress. Haha :D

Gonna make things sweet and simple.

My 2010 was a mixture with happy and sad.

He been caught by police which was not a good thing and it's okay for now. My Sony camera was certified death yesterday during my office New Year Eve lunch. :( Planned to buy Canon G12 as one of my toy! Upgrading!

Job - was good, stress, ofcause YES.

Branded handbags - Check! Blackberry smartphone - Check! :D

Been to Singapore for the first time with my own expenses to bear and I'm going to there again to complete my Universal Studio!!

Been to KL for little sister's graduation and Pahang for the over million years of precious National Park. It really great to go for places and restaurant all over the world and share in this special space for me.

Bought an awesome and magical pendant from Jerantut, Pahang which is a lucky stone for me.

Be a sponsored Blogger by Nuffnang for Stompin Sabah, which was awesome and have $$ for that, but haven't receive till now...

Gonna say 2010 was NOTTHATGREAT...and mixed with awesomeness. And hope for the best for me and all my friends around me. Especially T.

Happy New Year peepz! And happy to have you all to enjoy my posts all over the year! And those who never enjoy, then what to do la...

Bye bye! I have fun first on this New Year Eve. :D

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

【沙巴吃】 斗湖 - 隆裕发茶餐室 之猪肉包 Food in Sabah : Tawau - Famous Pork Bun by Kedai Kopi Yung Lee Fatt

Previous post - click!

One of our group mate was talking about a pork bun which the meat's oil will "burst" out when we bite it during our bus journey to the town, bringing our imagination that the bun was so good that it could melt my taste buds. Nyum~

And my friends from Tawau was introducing the same coffee shop too! Then, it should be very famous!

At the first sight, I was wondering when I reached an industrial around Tawau and I thought we are heading to the wrong place, but the person who drive us there was the local residents there and they won't make mistake since they brought so many people there already.

In fact, the shop really located around the industrial area. Many tourists and locals went there just for their pork bun which I'm tempted to have a try too.

The Pork Bun which we are waiting for~~

My tummy still full during our bun exploration and my aunt said that

"Since you came all the way from K. K. to Tawau, each of us must have one bun!!"


Neither one of us (the ladies) could finish the bun we had except for the meat inside.

About it taste..... Hmm~~~ It's large and it's filled with so much ingredients that everyone will love it! I think it will taste even better if I'm not that full from the breakfast I had after we reached the hotel.

Blurrppppp****** (Excuse me)

Kit Chai Shui Ping to flush all the food I had and the sour taste made my tummy felt better.

Nice drink!

Besides pork bun, they serve Dim Sum too!

A must go local coffee shop when we go to Tawau! Ask them for direction!


Browse through my old photographs and I found one of my favorite picture during my studies in KL three or four years ago with tasty pork bun shared with my younger sister!

It's 叶子梅大包 (Yea Zhi Mei Big Bun). Huge, floated with meat and tasty!


Malaysia Won AFF-Suzuki Cup 2010

It's all over twitter when it was midnight while I'm checking out my Twitter timeline. Official declared by our PM that this Friday is a public holidayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

It's been such a long long time since my primary school Malaysia won in its football matches and we had our victory public holiday declared back then!

It's totally so cool! Congratulation to all the Malaysian football players/ the #HarimauMalaya who played a good match! Hope to see more great matches in the future!

#MalaysiaBoleh #AFFSuzukiCup

This New Year Eve will be an awesome one in K. K.!

As for the Indonesian team, sorry for your loss but you are awesome too and you should know you do! :)

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Orchids Show at Suria Sabah, K. K, Sabah


Few weeks ago, few of us went to Suria Sabah for shopping and attended the Orchid Show which held through out the weekend!

We have the opportunity to see the different prizes that won by the Orchids' owners from those Orchids' competition which held through out the years.

We saw thousand of orchids there and I learnt some Orchid's species too.

I like the below species, it's pink in colour and it's small like my thumb!

I like this too, the Wine Festival which is wine red in colour.

For your information, my mom's wedding bouquet was Orchids and not roses!!!

I was wondering.... whether I can have Orchids in my wedding too... Hmm~~~~~~~~~~~ Perhaps money can do all the tricks! ;P

I saw Spider webs on the Orchid. =_="

We went to the lower ground where all the Orchids and flowers were themed for different kinds of purpose, all the Flora and Fauna parks joined to show too.

Taman Pertanian Sabah /The Agricultural Park of Sabah (direct translation) located at Tenom, it is also known as the famous flora and fauna's park here! For your information, many good things came from Tenom with regards to fruits!!!

Aparts from Orchids, we can see paintings around the corner. An artists was drawing there~

Smile smile Orang Utan!

Yea~~ Going to end this post with a painting that represent Borneo!


It's close to my heart, okay? And i hate people criticising it!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

This Christmas, Last Christmas.... and Santa Baby for you!

My Christmas for this year is meaningness, but staying home lazying around and went out a while for a cup of tea.

How was your Christmas this year?

Oh yea~ Heard lots of fire crackers sound around here. Guess... some events going on in town.


Sharing some Christmas songs that I love!

Last Christmas by Wham

A 1960's Christmas song which I love the most!

While this is the Last Christmas by Taylor Swift's version and I still prefer the original old school version of Last Christmas by Wham!

Found out that Santa Baby was also sang by Taylor Swift too. I like her happy-go-lucky version!

In facts, I love all Christmas song~ Very comfortable to listen to them. :)

It's Christmas (12.12am, 25th December, 2010).


Do enjoy these festive season.

Friday, December 24, 2010

【沙巴游】 斗湖 - 海产 Fun in Sabah : Tawau - Local Production a.k.a. The Dried Foods

Previous post - click!

Finished our scrumptious Chinese Stall breakfast, we walked around town and heading towards our next station.

I snapped a few photographs of the surrounded building and scenery while walking nearby. Looks familiar right? (Just like those old shoplots at Inanam or some areas of the city)

They still maintained the old shoplots and there were so many of them!

There was one weird looking club over there... It's like a jungle themed pub!

Walking walking walking~~ Experience the surrounding!

Oh yea~~~ The air was breezy and not very hot and it's comfortable to walk around.

Reached Pasar Tanjung Tawau/ Tawau Market!!

Tawau Market is one of the place where a lot of people go there to buy salted fish, snacks and other cheap stuff before leaving Tawau either by land or by air.

Snacks anyone?? Various choices for us to select~ It blurred my eye~

Finger food is so tasty especially during movie time at home and cinemas! Yummy and its finger licking good!

Went to the second floor of the market and we could see so many salted fish and other seafoods. Some of them bought few pieces of the salted fish which known as "Mui Hiong" 梅香。。。 The "heavy duty" salted fish! =D

No.... I didn't buy any salted fish even my dad forced me tooooooooo~~~~ I only bought few kilos of dry shrimps for my family and my uncles who requested it.

See!!! Those dry shrimps are mine! My group of people's eyes blinked when I bought all of those. *shy shy*

The "GOOD" sign of dry food at Tawau!!!

Big and small boxes before going home! The round round fish snacks taste good and is a must buy if we seen one!

*Tour to Tawau can be managed by Tropical Holiday Paradise.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

【沙巴吃】 斗湖 : 美食天堂 Food in Sabah : Tawau - A Town with Heavenly Eateries

Flew to Tawau for 2 days, 1 night stay for some private things going on. Not only me, but hundreds of us went there together with different group of people.

I would like to conclude the trip as a GREAT FOODS JOURNEY!! Was tweeting and facebook-ing using my smartphone all the way from Tawau during those 2 days. Informed my friends that I will be at Tawau on that duration and they ask me to go and try the great foods of their hometown.. The Pork Bun, the seafoods etc etc... So nice!

I really enjoyed those foods over there so much and took a little time off from this city!

The view from above during the day was amazing while it was landing!

Wake up before 5.30 am to get things ready for the 6.50 am flight! It's tiring and I have to smile even though 'm really really exhausted! The flight took about 50 minutes from Kota Kinabalu to reach Tawau.

Expecting a small and old appearance airport when we reached Tawau.

You will know what I meant if you have the chance to visit that Town.

Mom told me that Tawau is an old town with an undeveloped environment. From what I could see while I'm in the bus surveying the view outside (on my way to the hotel which took about /more than 30 minutes from the airport), it's a mixture of old buildings and bored feeling. However some parts of the road is smooth and well maintained and it's better than our's here. FYI, we can't ran from bumpy road over there too.

Reached hotel and leave our belongings in the room and seek for the FOOD!!!!

It's BREAKFAST time!!!! We are starving by the time we reached!

Had our breakfast at the randomly selected Chinese Coffee Shop nearby (the first shop with purple paint).

- 梨园小厨 Sin Lee Cuisine -

The food was great even though it was just a random pick, therefore as an advise, we don't have to worry about our selection of dishes at Tawau. Most of it are tasty! (Can't say all, because I haven't visit all of the restaurants yet!) We can just sit down and order anything that we like.

Found out that most of the Chinese Coffee Shop there have similar food as the above.

So called "Yong" something something... Hmm... It's like a food stuffed with meat in it. And Malaysian love to have it ala cart or with noodles as breakfast.

There's something special about their drinks! They blended it with seconds and made the Iced Coffee and Iced Nescafe taste wonderful with smooth textured bubbles!!

板面 "Pan Mian" or Flat Noodles.

It's extremely huge portion at Tawau! Generous amount of ingredients that the stall owners will gave us.

***** Slurp*****

Even the mushrooms they provide are the good graded one.

It filled my taste buds!

See the Kon Lou Mee and the Fish Noodles? Tasty pork and the Fish Noodles surprised me, it's so huge and filled the big bowl. I can't found such a big bowl of noodles in the city yet!!

If I'm not mistake, it's around RM7.00 for each of the dishes we had that day.

Some information to let my dearest readers know about Tawau...

They have Morning Post just like West Malaysia have their night post which K. K. don't have!!!


Stay tuned for the next must know and must buy things at Tawau!

To be continued....

Tour could be managed by Tropical Holidays Paradise to Tawau.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

【沙巴玩】 神山两天一夜游 Fun in Sabah : Kundasang - Morning Breeze at Kinabalu Pine Resort

Wake up before 6.00 am, just to wait for the amazing "Peek-a-Boo" scenery of M. Kinabalu.

It's amazing for sure!

However, the haze covered the whole mountain again after 6.30am...


p/s: Not everyone are lucky to see the mountain as close as these!!

Check out my stay at their resort here - click

*Tour with Tropical Holidays Paradise

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bed and Breakfast at Gunter's Gasthaus German Restaurant, K. K., Sabah

How did you feel when you first step in to a themed restaurant?

I felt warm and it feels like I'm stepping into a fairy land that relaxed me.

There are a lot of big and small decorations and paints surrounded at every corner of the restaurant, and even their washroom too! It's cute, beautiful and it makes me can't stop looking around.

Heard my mom saying that currently Gunter's serves buffet styled breakfast with RM6.00 only and eat as much as we can. And one fine Saturday, me, meatball and her friend went there for a try and did some inspections on their Boutique Rooms too.

They serves western and local food from Curry, Porridge, Oatmeals, Spaghetti, bread etc etc... However, not much selections that we could choose like what we can choose from the hotel's buffet. It's totally worth for me to pay RM6.00 (includes Coffee or Tea) and had my breakfast at such a beautiful relaxing environment.

We expected a normal breakfast with RM6.00 only and don't expect too much from them!

The Curry was good, and the brinjal was tasty. For your information, they serve good salad as usual!

I was born to live and to eat. I must try all kind of food!

Do their settings reminds us the Candle light dinner with your love one?

They do provide Garden Cabana, and its ALL NIGHT LONG! I'm imagining me and my love one having Cabana Dinner now..... I like!

An inspection was done by us, guided by the friendly staff to their Boutique Rooms that tourists can have their bed and breakfast for their backpackers trip. Reasonable price allocated for them too.

It is air- conditioned, therefore no worries for sleepless night.

As what we can see when we entered their main entrance, leaflets of their services, food and the unexpected entertainments like Belly Dancing are laid on the table. I took some for reference too!

They wrote :

"Nothing is Impossible at GUNTER'S, just ask!"

Pedicure, manicure, hair cuts, private party and so much to mention can be requsted... Just ask them for assistance.

Check out Gunter's Gasthaus at night for their dinner and they serve lunch too! - click

And we can make our reservation for a stay from Tropical Holidays Paradise.
(If you are interest to overnight there, just drop them a message and mention that you read my post and you may expect some great offers!)

Operating Day and Time :
Monday to Saturday (Sunday is a Off Day)
11.30 am - 2.00pm (Lunch)
6.30pm - 10.00 pm (Dinner)
Public Holiday: Only Dinner is serve.

Location: Batu 2, Likas, Tuaran Road (Opposite Kian Kok School), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.