Tuesday, November 23, 2010

【沙巴游】 兵南邦 Fun in Sabah : Penampang - Welcome to Kg. Babagon - Tagal

Went to Kg. Babagon (a village) for an educational tour while assisting THP's operation crews after fetching a group of oversea's students from the airport. The students were friendly and keen to learn more about some of the agricultural available in Sabah (they were required to submit their report when they are back to their high school).

It takes about 45 minutes from Kota Kinabalu town to reach Kg. Babagon.

Wondering what is "Tagal" right? Tagal is a type of freshwater fishing system that protect the rivers and fisheries for their sustainable (never ending) development.

More information about it on the next Kg. Babagon's post!

We could see public went there for picnic and swimming nearby the river!

Before we move further, we shifted to a suitable vehicles to cross over the river and get up to the hill. The stream of water never get dry and it could cover the whole tyres of smaller vehicles.

Further we go and we reach a booth that the owners will explain to us the process of pineapples cultivation of the village.

Besides, learning the pineapples' cultivation, the students learned the method of cutting pineapples and the important ingredients for the earlier stage to plant pineapples . Besides, they treat us with their pineapples and drinks too.

The hill is steep and dangerous and the workers will collect the fruits when the land is dry. Saw the torned leaves? Those are pineapples plants!! The whole mountain are full of it!

To end our pineapples' cultivation visiting, we can take pictures at the hill nearby the booth, it is mainly for photographs purposes!

It's raining that day and THP who care about their customers provides raincoats for all of us!

to be continued...

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