Monday, November 8, 2010

STOMPIN' SABAH 2010 - Jesselton Point, K.K., Sabah

Reach Jesselton Point around 6pm to get my tickets and proceed with my dinner!!!

Guess what?? I got 10 VIP free tickets from Nuffnang in collaboration of Celcom Stompin' Sabah 2010! And I'm lucky that I am one of the blogger who can be there to enjoy the happening event!

This was my first time participate in such a happening event with all sorts of races! Besides, I met Shin Chan, Derek ad Sylvia during the event and we've planned to go there! Unfortunately, we didn't manage to take pictures all together.

They recognised us by using the tag surrounded around our wrist! THE VIP sign! And we are allowed to walk from our VIP seats to the Xpax zone that are few steps from the stage! However, we hope that we could be at the back stage to take pictures with all the artistes! (Especially for the bloggers =D)

The event was getting higher and higher through out the night! The band was amazing, the artists was amazing!

We will Rock You!! And they are totally rocking the whole crowd!!

Jin from Hitz.Fm as emcee!! I love Hitz. Fm! Don't you?? I noticed that the jacket he is wearing is similar to the jacket that he wear on his twitter profile picture!

"When I say K.K., you say Yo!!", K.K. -- Yo!!!

Can't judge a book by its cover right? She is a bit weighty, but she is cool!! She can dance and sing very well.

The guitarist was making the noise and the crowd was having fun!

Besides, those artistes that I mentioned before in previous post, they've featured more local artistes too! Not only we could listen to Malay songs, they do have english songs such as "Love the way you are", "We will rock you!", a bit of Lady Gaga songs! Too much to mention!

DJ Tony was there!!!!!

Anyone want to have alcoholic drink??

Borneo Crew and the Borneo MC! THEY ARE AMAZING THROUGH OUT THEIR PERFORMANCE! I like them to the max!

Watch the video, and you will know~

The Borneo Crew Allstar (TBC) making the moves and The Borneo Emcee (TBE) was singing!!
The songs they've sang on that night was "Kiss me through the phone" and "Borneo Emcee".

Seeing people getting high was fun and I enjoy it very much! It was raining for the whole night, but the crowd getting more and more, they didn't want to miss the great show and the artistes!!

The wanted to see the Queen of Rock so badly! Keep calling her name - Ella... Ella.... yet cannot see her first!!

The audiences danced and they sing along with the artists!! The crowd was amazing where all of them were like brothers and sisters (just like what Jin had said earlier).

K. K, YOU ROCKS!!!!(click)

Toi from AF 6 was great with the instrument by playing "Nobody" (The famous Korean song!)
I got nobody, nobody but you! Everyone was surprise!! Besides, he sing a Latin song that really really good to listen! -Salsa!!

Watch he played the instrument!!

SHAWN LEE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is the beat boxer ranking No. 9 in the world!!
He is freaking me out that night and that was good!!! He can use his throat and mouth to make the BEAT! Oh my... Lady Gaga some more!

MC Vibe was great with Shawn Lee too!

Click the video and you see how AMAZING and cute he is!

Yea~~ Some dances for us! Is kind of wild too!

For those who stayed through out the event, they are really lucky and have tons of fun with the crowd!

Thanks to Nuffnang and Celcom who bring us all together!

Hope that Stompin' Sabah will be here for the third time and bringing various famous artistes all together under on roof!!

Check out for more Stompin' Sabah 2010's photos from my facebook!

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post by Nuffnang in collaboration with Celcom Stompin' Sabah 2010.


  1. Aww too bad I missed the event.
    Thanks for the report!
    I think I might attend the next Stompin Sabah X3

  2. Yea!! You should go and feel the environment there!! Although most of the artists I didn't even know them, but I still like the way they performed. :)

  3. Dear.. the song title The Borneo Emcee sang is "Kiss me through the phone" and another one is "Borneo Emcee"
    ~The Borneo Emcee (TBE)
    ~The Borneo Crew Allstar (TBC)

  4. Thanks Emily for correcting me. =)
    Amended it already.

  5. Wah cantik capture gambarmu.. aku tidak berani keluarkan kamera sebab hujan lebat + extra wild wet crowd. Aku kena sembur itu beer bah, kena kepala n baju...trus no mood lepas itu.

  6. Hehehe. Terima kasih!!
    Nasib my bf angkat payung besar saya. Jadi saya boleh ambil gambar dengan banyak.
    Har?? Apa yang jadi? Beer kena kamu??
    Lain kali ada lagi program begini bah! Jangan susah hati.

  7. here my report about stompin sabah...
    reli nice story here... hehe