Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lunch at Party Play Lifestyle Cafe, Lintas, Sabah

New entry updates with Girls Night Out at Party Play Lifestyle Cafe on 28th February, 2011 - Check out our Dinner over there.

Was having our lunch at the newly opened cafe around our working area on this Tuesday.

The food was wonderful with the westernised ingredients and flavour. It's totally suits my taste and my mood with the relax music playing around.

Few weeks ago, we were wondering when is their operating time, I heard it's only open during the night and that's make us quite upset a little. Especially when we saw their prices which they sticked on their wall outside the shop !!! A burger cost almost RM30.00!! (I only saw this kind of price when I was converting the pounds while studying at oversea!!)

Few days ago, my colleague told me that the cafe is operating from afternoon and have lunch sets some more!! Nice~~~

Choosing our set lunch!! Range from RM12.90 to RM16.90! Healthy set, Asian set and Western set.

I had Mushroom spaghetti's set (RM16.90) as below! Salad is full of imported vegetables, olives, cranberries, nuts!! I love it! I had peach tea which is bottomless (refillable)!

Even the mushrooms taste good!

My manager and my colleague had chicken chop set! The size chicken chop (RM16.90) is as flat as our hand, the taste was good compared to some other cafes we had before. A bucket of fries!!! However, the gravy was a bit salty for them!!

Finished the main course and finally the DESSERT of the Day!

The appearance of the dessert was tempting as it taste! Very indulging with caramel syrup and scope of vanilla ice cream!

It was sweet, however with the combination of vanilla ice cream, the whole flavour were blended together!

OMG~~~ I love it!!!

- Sticky Dates Pudding -

Saw the Dark Chocolate Fondant with Milk Ice Cream beside? I saw another blogger had it and snap a photograph of the Fondant and IT LOOKS THE SAME!!! I wanna shout out loud!!! OMG!!!! I wanna try it with RM10.00 only!

Saliva drooling lunch once in a while that cost us around RM20.00 per person (including extra charges) is okay.

At first, when we saw the drinks and the main course, we were wondering whether it's enough to satisfy us or not and after I had mine~~ I came to a conclusion that "It worth for that price!"

I want to go there for a second visit!!!

Well furnished outlet with white paint at Lintas Plaza, the cafe is located opposite Salim II, next building to LTS Supermarket and the Korean Supermarket! And It's opposite Teavenue too!