Thursday, November 4, 2010


Is this time around where all the happening events will be held in town and many other places!

The Halloween night out, the great movies shown at the cinemas, music events and all sorts of un-specifiable happening events going on every where.

However, one of the happening event will be held in town on this Saturday, 6 November, 2010 at Sabah Port (Jesselton Point), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from 6.00 pm until 2.00 p
m on the following day.


Do you remember last year's Stompin' Sabah 2009? It was held at the same ve
nue too! And this year is their second time in collaboration with bigger artistes and great musics, bringing their best to all of us!

Well... As for me, I took this sponsored post to spread the news to all of my dearest readers and learn something out for this "assignment" and hope to meet new friend
s too!

Do you love music? Stompin' Sabah is the first and biggest entertainment based event for our state! It features Urban Music and Nature-Inspired Music live on stage! Guess... It shall include traditional/ cultural dances that I love the most!

A host of TOP LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL ARTISTES and DJs will be there and we will have the chance to party with:

Ella (The Rock Queen!), DJ Tony, Genderang Toi Angklung, Wicked Aura Batucada (Singapore), Kulahig (Philippines), Shawn Lee (beat boxer), MC Vibe, Toi (AF 6), Joe Wings, Man Kidal, Dicken (guitarist from Ranau, Sabah).

Furthermore, the Top 3 bands from the U.O.X. Campus Tours (click) in Sabah will be performing too! They have been selected from the audition that held on 31 October, 2010
at Palm Square, K.K.

Beside partying on the 6 November, 2010, there will also be a Stompin' Sabah Carnival starting 5 November, 2010 with fun activities and performance there too! So.. GO AND CHECK IT OUT AT SABAH PORT (JESSELTON POINT) on that day!!!


1. Xpax customers will only need to reload at least Rm30.00 and get 1 FREE VIP pass that worth RM100.00!

2. Or, visit the U.O.X. booth at Jesselton Point on 5th and 6th November 2010 to grab FREE passes too!! It's free!!!
(If you are lucky enough!)

I will be there and hope to see all of you soon!!

I am excited about it! How about Sabahan here in KK???

***Visit Stompin' Sabah's facebook at here (click).

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post by Nuffnang in collaboration with Stompin' Sabah 2010.

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