Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dome - World's Finest Coffees, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Dome can be found at many places in the world and it was a brand franchised to K.K. since the day when 1 Borneo was here.

Before we had our shopping, few of us went into Dome which located at 1 Borneo for our brunch. The food was great and it's better then I thought.

Besides, the price is so reasonable with a bowl of pasta and a cup of soft drink (optional). [Seek for their lunch menus!!]

As usual, I love fries!


Their ice blended is fine and not as cold/ iced like coffee bean, Damai does. I had Cherry-licious while my mom had one of Dome's famous drink.

Well~~ Trying all the restaurants in town is one of my to do list! =D
No wonder it is difficult to lost weight.


  1. Each time when i pass by Dome. i will think of my pocket doom first. :D hahahaha Shin Chan was here!

  2. LOLzzz!!! Won't doom lar!! I can't remember how much it cost for the set lunch oledi. If I'm not wrong, it was around RM20 or RM25 w pasta and drinks.