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Monday, November 29, 2010

Malaysia Truly Asia 2010

Very bold and meaningful video about Malaysia for 3 minutes and 3 second.

Now you know the famous destination in Malaysia. =)

Interested to come over to Borneo? Visit -

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lunch at Party Play Lifestyle Cafe, Lintas, Sabah

New entry updates with Girls Night Out at Party Play Lifestyle Cafe on 28th February, 2011 - Check out our Dinner over there.

Was having our lunch at the newly opened cafe around our working area on this Tuesday.

The food was wonderful with the westernised ingredients and flavour. It's totally suits my taste and my mood with the relax music playing around.

Few weeks ago, we were wondering when is their operating time, I heard it's only open during the night and that's make us quite upset a little. Especially when we saw their prices which they sticked on their wall outside the shop !!! A burger cost almost RM30.00!! (I only saw this kind of price when I was converting the pounds while studying at oversea!!)

Few days ago, my colleague told me that the cafe is operating from afternoon and have lunch sets some more!! Nice~~~

Choosing our set lunch!! Range from RM12.90 to RM16.90! Healthy set, Asian set and Western set.

I had Mushroom spaghetti's set (RM16.90) as below! Salad is full of imported vegetables, olives, cranberries, nuts!! I love it! I had peach tea which is bottomless (refillable)!

Even the mushrooms taste good!

My manager and my colleague had chicken chop set! The size chicken chop (RM16.90) is as flat as our hand, the taste was good compared to some other cafes we had before. A bucket of fries!!! However, the gravy was a bit salty for them!!

Finished the main course and finally the DESSERT of the Day!

The appearance of the dessert was tempting as it taste! Very indulging with caramel syrup and scope of vanilla ice cream!

It was sweet, however with the combination of vanilla ice cream, the whole flavour were blended together!

OMG~~~ I love it!!!

- Sticky Dates Pudding -

Saw the Dark Chocolate Fondant with Milk Ice Cream beside? I saw another blogger had it and snap a photograph of the Fondant and IT LOOKS THE SAME!!! I wanna shout out loud!!! OMG!!!! I wanna try it with RM10.00 only!

Saliva drooling lunch once in a while that cost us around RM20.00 per person (including extra charges) is okay.

At first, when we saw the drinks and the main course, we were wondering whether it's enough to satisfy us or not and after I had mine~~ I came to a conclusion that "It worth for that price!"

I want to go there for a second visit!!!

Well furnished outlet with white paint at Lintas Plaza, the cafe is located opposite Salim II, next building to LTS Supermarket and the Korean Supermarket! And It's opposite Teavenue too!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

【沙巴游】 兵南邦 Fun in Sabah : Penampang - Welcome to Kg. Babagon - Tagal

Went to Kg. Babagon (a village) for an educational tour while assisting THP's operation crews after fetching a group of oversea's students from the airport. The students were friendly and keen to learn more about some of the agricultural available in Sabah (they were required to submit their report when they are back to their high school).

It takes about 45 minutes from Kota Kinabalu town to reach Kg. Babagon.

Wondering what is "Tagal" right? Tagal is a type of freshwater fishing system that protect the rivers and fisheries for their sustainable (never ending) development.

More information about it on the next Kg. Babagon's post!

We could see public went there for picnic and swimming nearby the river!

Before we move further, we shifted to a suitable vehicles to cross over the river and get up to the hill. The stream of water never get dry and it could cover the whole tyres of smaller vehicles.

Further we go and we reach a booth that the owners will explain to us the process of pineapples cultivation of the village.

Besides, learning the pineapples' cultivation, the students learned the method of cutting pineapples and the important ingredients for the earlier stage to plant pineapples . Besides, they treat us with their pineapples and drinks too.

The hill is steep and dangerous and the workers will collect the fruits when the land is dry. Saw the torned leaves? Those are pineapples plants!! The whole mountain are full of it!

To end our pineapples' cultivation visiting, we can take pictures at the hill nearby the booth, it is mainly for photographs purposes!

It's raining that day and THP who care about their customers provides raincoats for all of us!

to be continued...

Tour with : Tropical Holidays Paradise

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dome - World's Finest Coffees, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Dome can be found at many places in the world and it was a brand franchised to K.K. since the day when 1 Borneo was here.

Before we had our shopping, few of us went into Dome which located at 1 Borneo for our brunch. The food was great and it's better then I thought.

Besides, the price is so reasonable with a bowl of pasta and a cup of soft drink (optional). [Seek for their lunch menus!!]

As usual, I love fries!


Their ice blended is fine and not as cold/ iced like coffee bean, Damai does. I had Cherry-licious while my mom had one of Dome's famous drink.

Well~~ Trying all the restaurants in town is one of my to do list! =D
No wonder it is difficult to lost weight.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The end of my West M'sia a.k.a. KL trip 2010!

Shopping is a fun thing to do when we have the cash, the credit and the Card!
Everything was great especially Forever 21, the precious Taman Negara of Malaysia, the food of Jerantut and many more.

One of the precious item that I bought is the Labodoride (My spelling maybe wrong) stone from Jerantut, Pahang. The more I look at it, the more I'm in ‎​♥ with it! Maybe you doesn't felt the same way as me, it's just "faith".
Yup! I shops for goods that have faith with me.

Every where are tourists in KL! We can't realise that it was midnight, especially when we are in Bukit Bintang, KL.

Well... Going back to reality this evening when I'm back! I'm On the way to the airport now.

How great if I have the cash to travel the world and live in a fantasy world.

*Kiss* to the world baby!!!

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Friday, November 12, 2010


Bought few instead of one that my friend requested!

Pic: Items bought by me and meatball with samples given generously to her. How envy!

Tried their Snow BB cream, nude shade and the quality is clearer, fairer and soft/ silky textured - nice and perfect for day make up! I'm tapping it on to my face. ‎​♥ ‎​♥ ‎​♥

Besides, shared with my sister for other samples and gifts! The products locks the water inside our skin, just like the 'Water Bank' (the statement stated on the promoters' uniform).

Price is affordable and worth with such a big bottles/ tubes!

I will come back for more!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

STOMPIN' SABAH 2010 - Jesselton Point, K.K., Sabah

Reach Jesselton Point around 6pm to get my tickets and proceed with my dinner!!!

Guess what?? I got 10 VIP free tickets from Nuffnang in collaboration of Celcom Stompin' Sabah 2010! And I'm lucky that I am one of the blogger who can be there to enjoy the happening event!

This was my first time participate in such a happening event with all sorts of races! Besides, I met Shin Chan, Derek ad Sylvia during the event and we've planned to go there! Unfortunately, we didn't manage to take pictures all together.

They recognised us by using the tag surrounded around our wrist! THE VIP sign! And we are allowed to walk from our VIP seats to the Xpax zone that are few steps from the stage! However, we hope that we could be at the back stage to take pictures with all the artistes! (Especially for the bloggers =D)

The event was getting higher and higher through out the night! The band was amazing, the artists was amazing!

We will Rock You!! And they are totally rocking the whole crowd!!

Jin from Hitz.Fm as emcee!! I love Hitz. Fm! Don't you?? I noticed that the jacket he is wearing is similar to the jacket that he wear on his twitter profile picture!

"When I say K.K., you say Yo!!", K.K. -- Yo!!!

Can't judge a book by its cover right? She is a bit weighty, but she is cool!! She can dance and sing very well.

The guitarist was making the noise and the crowd was having fun!

Besides, those artistes that I mentioned before in previous post, they've featured more local artistes too! Not only we could listen to Malay songs, they do have english songs such as "Love the way you are", "We will rock you!", a bit of Lady Gaga songs! Too much to mention!

DJ Tony was there!!!!!

Anyone want to have alcoholic drink??

Borneo Crew and the Borneo MC! THEY ARE AMAZING THROUGH OUT THEIR PERFORMANCE! I like them to the max!

Watch the video, and you will know~

The Borneo Crew Allstar (TBC) making the moves and The Borneo Emcee (TBE) was singing!!
The songs they've sang on that night was "Kiss me through the phone" and "Borneo Emcee".

Seeing people getting high was fun and I enjoy it very much! It was raining for the whole night, but the crowd getting more and more, they didn't want to miss the great show and the artistes!!

The wanted to see the Queen of Rock so badly! Keep calling her name - Ella... Ella.... yet cannot see her first!!

The audiences danced and they sing along with the artists!! The crowd was amazing where all of them were like brothers and sisters (just like what Jin had said earlier).

K. K, YOU ROCKS!!!!(click)

Toi from AF 6 was great with the instrument by playing "Nobody" (The famous Korean song!)
I got nobody, nobody but you! Everyone was surprise!! Besides, he sing a Latin song that really really good to listen! -Salsa!!

Watch he played the instrument!!

SHAWN LEE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is the beat boxer ranking No. 9 in the world!!
He is freaking me out that night and that was good!!! He can use his throat and mouth to make the BEAT! Oh my... Lady Gaga some more!

MC Vibe was great with Shawn Lee too!

Click the video and you see how AMAZING and cute he is!

Yea~~ Some dances for us! Is kind of wild too!

For those who stayed through out the event, they are really lucky and have tons of fun with the crowd!

Thanks to Nuffnang and Celcom who bring us all together!

Hope that Stompin' Sabah will be here for the third time and bringing various famous artistes all together under on roof!!

Check out for more Stompin' Sabah 2010's photos from my facebook!

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post by Nuffnang in collaboration with Celcom Stompin' Sabah 2010.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stompin Sabah 2010 Getting High!

It's Stompin Sabah 2010! You will felt what a waste when you are not there to enjoy the fun!!!!

Not only Malay song, they sing English songs too!!! Break dances by Borneo Crew was great! And Shawn Lee! Wow! A lil petite and his beat made me amazed!!!

A short film is up, and enjoy it before the next posts! ;)

COMING SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jin from Hitz.FM was the emcee for the event!

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post by Nuffnang in collaboration with Stompin' Sabah 2010.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Is this time around where all the happening events will be held in town and many other places!

The Halloween night out, the great movies shown at the cinemas, music events and all sorts of un-specifiable happening events going on every where.

However, one of the happening event will be held in town on this Saturday, 6 November, 2010 at Sabah Port (Jesselton Point), Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from 6.00 pm until 2.00 p
m on the following day.


Do you remember last year's Stompin' Sabah 2009? It was held at the same ve
nue too! And this year is their second time in collaboration with bigger artistes and great musics, bringing their best to all of us!

Well... As for me, I took this sponsored post to spread the news to all of my dearest readers and learn something out for this "assignment" and hope to meet new friend
s too!

Do you love music? Stompin' Sabah is the first and biggest entertainment based event for our state! It features Urban Music and Nature-Inspired Music live on stage! Guess... It shall include traditional/ cultural dances that I love the most!

A host of TOP LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL ARTISTES and DJs will be there and we will have the chance to party with:

Ella (The Rock Queen!), DJ Tony, Genderang Toi Angklung, Wicked Aura Batucada (Singapore), Kulahig (Philippines), Shawn Lee (beat boxer), MC Vibe, Toi (AF 6), Joe Wings, Man Kidal, Dicken (guitarist from Ranau, Sabah).

Furthermore, the Top 3 bands from the U.O.X. Campus Tours (click) in Sabah will be performing too! They have been selected from the audition that held on 31 October, 2010
at Palm Square, K.K.

Beside partying on the 6 November, 2010, there will also be a Stompin' Sabah Carnival starting 5 November, 2010 with fun activities and performance there too! So.. GO AND CHECK IT OUT AT SABAH PORT (JESSELTON POINT) on that day!!!


1. Xpax customers will only need to reload at least Rm30.00 and get 1 FREE VIP pass that worth RM100.00!

2. Or, visit the U.O.X. booth at Jesselton Point on 5th and 6th November 2010 to grab FREE passes too!! It's free!!!
(If you are lucky enough!)

I will be there and hope to see all of you soon!!

I am excited about it! How about Sabahan here in KK???

***Visit Stompin' Sabah's facebook at here (click).

Disclaimer : This is a sponsored post by Nuffnang in collaboration with Stompin' Sabah 2010.