Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yun Man Steamboat Chinese Dish Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Had my steamboat dinner with my family and their friends from Singapore one week ago and it was one of the cheapest steamboat that cost RM20.00 per person.

Varieties of meatballs, dumplings, seafoods, fried chicken wings, noodles, vegetables, mushrooms etc etc for us to select, but no crabs provided there.

We can eat all we want if we can finish it. All of the ingredients was more than enough to be finish by Giants!!

Our soup selection :
Tom Yum Soup and Herbal Soup. They mix quite a lot of MSG inside the soup and it makes us want to drink a lot. However, we still can be there for a hot steamboat dinner once in a while right?!

I ate a lot of brinjals that night!

We must finish all those ingredients that we choose. As for those that we can't finish, we have to pay for it (can't remember how much it cost already). (Good plan for reducing wastage)

p/s: The earlier we arrive, the earlier we can have our seats! They have a lot of seats, but still not enough for their customers!

Lot 1, Ground Floor,
Taman Dixon, Off Jalan Lintas,
88300 Kota Kinabalu,

From Kolombong to Lintas, turn left when we arrive at the junction that we could see Hospital Luyang and a Malay/Indian Restaurant. Drive further and we could see Taman Dixon.'s signboard. Saw a row of shops that full of people? That's the steamboat restaurant beside the road!


  1. Okay, this one really makes me hungry now.. yaiiii

  2. LOLzz~~ You should go and try this one! Really make you eat till puke also can.

  3. i just went there, and crabs are provided now :)

  4. O~~~~ Really?

    Their crabs nice or not?