Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dinner at Supertanker Restaurant, Bundusan, Sabah

 Latest post on 28th July, 2011 - CLICK HERE to read about it! And its super tempting!!

My uncle treated us for dinner last week and it was wonderful on his birthday. Although the restaurant was an old and well known restaurant since the 90's, they still maintain their quality with their scrumptious three layer pork!

Oh my... I still can remember the nice flavour of its gravy. Everything was fresh and more than enough to serve everyone of us.

The last time I went was last year on my dad's birthday (the day before my uncle's birthday)! Yup! Its been a long time, yet they still maintain their goodness.

Location: Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu where a huge green signboard stating "SUPERTANKER"!!

(Fill your tanker tummy!) :P

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  1. I am hungry now by looking those food!..yum yum..

    btw, i followed u and put in my blog list.. :)

    have a nice day..

  2. i used to stay behind supertanker... miss the food there! :)

  3. Stella: =D Feel good to make you hungry!! hehehehe
    Thanks for following my blog too! I'm going to link you too! ;)

    Henry: Wow~~ Then you went there for dinner thousand of times already lor! =D Remember to go for dinner to fill up your taste buds!

    Luckily still have people who like my Supertanker post. Didn't felt good about the photography skill when I posted these pictures.

    Thank you for reading and leaving some comments here!

  4. decided. that's where me and my gang will dine when we reach KK this Friday. Delicious shots.

  5. :) go there for their Chinese food! It's nyum nyum! If u ‎​♥ pork, remember to order their famous signature dish - The pork ribs! Pai gu wang!