Monday, October 25, 2010

Miracle for Good Skin - D'angelique

Everyone want to be beautiful with fair and good skin texture.

Previously, I've ignored my eldest sister when she keeps on asking me to use this amazing product. And during the grand opening for her new outlet - D' Glorious at Tajung Aru Plaza, I realised that my eldest sister and most of her partners have a glowing skin texture. The product that they are selling gave them the amazing result on their face.

Good skin in terms of small defining pores, fair with natural blusher on their cheek and glowing face even my mom, meatball, my younger sister and dad praised their skin!


Even men over 28 years young use it too and have good comments about it!

Ever hear Placenta? In mandarin it was called "羊胎素". Heard that placenta is a miracle source of good skin for those who want to look younger. For me, I refuse to use placenta for my age as I never seen any example of friends and family who consume/ apply placenta.

Until I personally see the results from those people at the grand opening. I believe that it can make a person look younger since then!

My sister gave me a bottle of 10ml for trial for about 1 month and the result starts to shown after 1 week. My pores are smaller and "flatter" surface than before, just like the result after I applied my BB cream!

(I promised her to post an entry to support her as a favour, if the product is good!) It was based on my personal opinion that it may not work the same as me and you.

It was my nude face on 21st September, 2010 before I starts to use placenta.
Where it has scar of pimples of my itchy fingers and stress! Huge eye bag. (It's sucks)

After one month (23rd October, 2010).
Nude face with smaller pores, smaller eye bag on my right eye, naturally blushed with not that obvious pimples' scar!
(I DID NOT EDIT ALL THE PHOTO ON THIS POST, I only add the link on it!)

By applying 5 drops (maybe more, depends on skin's condition) on the first two weeks (once or twice a day) and 3 to 5 drops (once a day) after that, it is totally worth and I haven't finish the bottle till now (left 1/3 more)!

It wasn't expensive as other products in the market that may cost over RM300.00 or 400.00 for a small little tube bottle. It's affordable when we calculate it on a pro-rata basis!
The retail price is RM699.00 for a set of 3 while member's price is RM599.00 (T & C applies)!

By the way, meatball use it and she told me that the wrinkles beside her nose faded and my mom (the funniest result) - She put few drops on her palm before applying to her face and her palm become smooth like silk !! (All of us rub her palm and laughed!)

It seems unbelievable right? But, its TRUE! =D

p/s: My single eye lid is so fugly. *sigh**


  1. Awesome post!

    *psst* though its suppose to be d'angelique XD

  2. hehehe ;) Thanks for notifying me! Amended it!

  3. Really thank you for those who supported my post! I really appreciate it very much from the bottom of my heart!

  4. Yup! Placenta it is! ;) recommended for 24 yrs young and above.