Friday, October 22, 2010

Cupcake Calendar, Lintas Station, K.K., Sabah

Updated on 01.01.2011 - The Cafe is closed down.

Another cupcakes' cafe in town operates on the same month and in the same building.

Although their cafe is small, it is cozy with the sweet layout covered with white and a little pink in colour (just like their cupcake's symbol.

Been there for few times when they started operating but didn't bought any and end up buying cupcakes from Boutique Cupcakes.

On Wednesday during our lunch hour, few of us went to buy some cupcakes . I bought Tiramisu flavour while my manager bought Banana flavoured cupcake.

I like similar settings just like this, especially during wedding and cupcakes with cute and lovely designs made my day.

They are selling at RM4.50 per cupcake and RM25 for half dozen.

My colleagues prefer cupcakes from Cupcake Calendar because of their soft textured cake. As for me, I felt it was soft textured with nice smell on my first bite and with further bites, it taste buttery. *Guess too much butter maybe* However, the texture was nice! And I like the cream, except for the heavy butter in it.

A combination of local snacks on top of the banana's cupcake. Impressive.

On the same day, meatball bought two from Cupcake Calendar and a few from Boutique Cupcakes home and made some comments about it.

Meatball and my mom still prefer Boutique Cupcakes while the cupcakes from Cupcake Calendar were sweet that people who have sweet tooth might love it.

Lintas Station, Lintas Plaza, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
We can see their cafe from the roadside!


  1. =D
    I like cupcakes designs and love to try new food in town!
    If can, I would like to try all of them!

  2. Oh wow! Cupcakes are just too cute eat sometimes!

  3. That's why it makes me happy when I look a them!

  4. I din know that there were such cafe here in kk~ :D does the cupcakes tastes good? :)

  5. It's quire a long time I didn't go to cupcakes calendar for their cupcakes. Last time I had was sweet. It's depends on personal preference de oo.