Saturday, October 9, 2010

Boutique Cupcakes, Lintas Station, Sabah

 Updated on 22.09.2011 - The Cafe had moved to City Mall. Click HERE to read about it!

Been browsing through their website and facebook account for many times, just to see their creativity towards those cupcakes that custom made requested by their guests.

I tried their cupcakes before when my mom brought one back home few months ago, during the grand opening of Wisma Wanita, Head Quarter of Sabah. It taste... Hmmm~~~ Vanilla Flavour, not that sweet with the icing above and overall it taste good with a cup of hot tea.

On Thursday (07.10.2010) was their grand opening at Lintas Station (which is near to my working place) went there for a little survey with some of my colleagues and the price gave them a shock with such small cupcakes inside the glassed counter and I saw Beverly Tam (click) there too.

Didn't manage to buy the cupcakes during that time because I'm shy to buy it when my colleagues around.

However, I went there after work on the next day and as promised by my elder sister (click), for the cupcakes!

Each cupcake cost RM5.00 and 1/2 dozen cost RM28.00.

I like their "Hearty Carrot", "Dolce and Banana" and the "Lemon Blast". The ingredients they are using are generous! As for others... the taste are ordinary like any other cupcakes sold at other cafe, and the texture for few of the cupcakes was a bit dried... However, the three types of cupcakes I preferred taste good! I like! And the cream texture was silky soft! Imagine when you bite the cupcakes with the combination of melting cream... *Oh my***

Hoping for more great inventive flavours soon!

The best way to eat cupcakes - Served with a cup of coffee or tea!

Guess what?? I won my golden ticket from one of the cupcakes I choose! I'm going back to Boutique Cupcakes soon!

They are having promotion for this October which is THE GOLDEN TICKETS. To know more, just click here (click).

Furthermore, they are having the October's campaign which namely "1 for the Survivor" which each cupcake cost RM6.50 and RM1.00 will be donated to Kinabalu Pink Ribbon.

Cute cupcakes design for the campaign! Do support for the awareness just like me!


To know more about them. Refer the the picture below!

Lintas Station, Lintas Plaza, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
We can see their pink signboard and the cupcakes outlet on the left when we stop at the round-about.