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Sunday, October 31, 2010

【生活点滴】 斗湖 Fun in Sabah : Tawau - The City of Seafood and Dried Food

Blogging from Tawau while waiting for our departure here at the airport.

Was here for two days, one night to attend a political event going on in town.

Tawau is one of the region that is famous for their dried food, like salted fish, small prawns, keropok (a kind of snack) and many many more.
Their foods are as good as what my friends described/ told me. Yummy! Suits my taste buds!

Everything was good except for the medium old bus with not well functioned bus that send us to the airport! Getting warmer when I am having my short nap!

Yea~~ Update will be done when I'm back to Kota Kinabalu! ;)

Stay tuned!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kyoto Matcha Cake - A Gift from Japan!!!

My manager was having a meeting with our dearest client who is a Japanese few days ago! He bought her (my manager) a gift all the way from Japan and it taste good! Me likey!


The packaging was extraordinary with a cloth covered the box of cake, just like a lunch box.

Not sweet, not oily with (matcha) green tea flavour eac h time we bite and sprinkle of nuts or chocolate chips in it.
Guess what? We can use the cloth as a scarf and transform it into hairband! My manager took it home and use it to doll up her lovely daughter! :D
Seldom we can have such a pleasant gift! Felt so good! ;)

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A call From Nuffnang!!

It was around 6.30pm justnow and I received a call from East Malaysia and the number wasn't familiar to me. However, I answered the phone and luckily I answered it. ;)

Unexpectedly, it was a call from Nuffnang (NN) that I've joined since Year 2008 and not really active until this year! NN is a blog advertising community, saw the advertisements on my header and sidebar or under my post entry? That's the advertisements by NN as the community's side income! (Please support me by clicking the ads! Thank You!)

At first, I turned down the opportunity and when I sit infront of my laptop and told my mom about the NN's things, then she say "Why you didn't took ah?" and I was like "....." (Too much to think already).

Cut story short...

Before I let the opportunity passes me just like that, I called NN to see whether any place still available for a blogger like me. Guess what? They are still places available and I will attend the event on next Saturday!

Browsed and check around the internet about the music event that will be held on next week -

It is the -


for the second year in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah!

Yes! I'm excited about it and since I never been to the event held last year, I'm looking forward to the event next week and can't wait to see you all too!

I will update you all on the event. So, stay tune readers!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Miracle for Good Skin - D'angelique

Everyone want to be beautiful with fair and good skin texture.

Previously, I've ignored my eldest sister when she keeps on asking me to use this amazing product. And during the grand opening for her new outlet - D' Glorious at Tajung Aru Plaza, I realised that my eldest sister and most of her partners have a glowing skin texture. The product that they are selling gave them the amazing result on their face.

Good skin in terms of small defining pores, fair with natural blusher on their cheek and glowing face even my mom, meatball, my younger sister and dad praised their skin!


Even men over 28 years young use it too and have good comments about it!

Ever hear Placenta? In mandarin it was called "羊胎素". Heard that placenta is a miracle source of good skin for those who want to look younger. For me, I refuse to use placenta for my age as I never seen any example of friends and family who consume/ apply placenta.

Until I personally see the results from those people at the grand opening. I believe that it can make a person look younger since then!

My sister gave me a bottle of 10ml for trial for about 1 month and the result starts to shown after 1 week. My pores are smaller and "flatter" surface than before, just like the result after I applied my BB cream!

(I promised her to post an entry to support her as a favour, if the product is good!) It was based on my personal opinion that it may not work the same as me and you.

It was my nude face on 21st September, 2010 before I starts to use placenta.
Where it has scar of pimples of my itchy fingers and stress! Huge eye bag. (It's sucks)

After one month (23rd October, 2010).
Nude face with smaller pores, smaller eye bag on my right eye, naturally blushed with not that obvious pimples' scar!
(I DID NOT EDIT ALL THE PHOTO ON THIS POST, I only add the link on it!)

By applying 5 drops (maybe more, depends on skin's condition) on the first two weeks (once or twice a day) and 3 to 5 drops (once a day) after that, it is totally worth and I haven't finish the bottle till now (left 1/3 more)!

It wasn't expensive as other products in the market that may cost over RM300.00 or 400.00 for a small little tube bottle. It's affordable when we calculate it on a pro-rata basis!
The retail price is RM699.00 for a set of 3 while member's price is RM599.00 (T & C applies)!

By the way, meatball use it and she told me that the wrinkles beside her nose faded and my mom (the funniest result) - She put few drops on her palm before applying to her face and her palm become smooth like silk !! (All of us rub her palm and laughed!)

It seems unbelievable right? But, its TRUE! =D

p/s: My single eye lid is so fugly. *sigh**

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cupcake Calendar, Lintas Station, K.K., Sabah

Updated on 01.01.2011 - The Cafe is closed down.

Another cupcakes' cafe in town operates on the same month and in the same building.

Although their cafe is small, it is cozy with the sweet layout covered with white and a little pink in colour (just like their cupcake's symbol.

Been there for few times when they started operating but didn't bought any and end up buying cupcakes from Boutique Cupcakes.

On Wednesday during our lunch hour, few of us went to buy some cupcakes . I bought Tiramisu flavour while my manager bought Banana flavoured cupcake.

I like similar settings just like this, especially during wedding and cupcakes with cute and lovely designs made my day.

They are selling at RM4.50 per cupcake and RM25 for half dozen.

My colleagues prefer cupcakes from Cupcake Calendar because of their soft textured cake. As for me, I felt it was soft textured with nice smell on my first bite and with further bites, it taste buttery. *Guess too much butter maybe* However, the texture was nice! And I like the cream, except for the heavy butter in it.

A combination of local snacks on top of the banana's cupcake. Impressive.

On the same day, meatball bought two from Cupcake Calendar and a few from Boutique Cupcakes home and made some comments about it.

Meatball and my mom still prefer Boutique Cupcakes while the cupcakes from Cupcake Calendar were sweet that people who have sweet tooth might love it.

Lintas Station, Lintas Plaza, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
We can see their cafe from the roadside!

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Wong Kok Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

I love their tasty Chinese dishes.

Previously, I had dinner with T's family and the food was good and this time my cousin came back from oversea and invited us for a nice dinner at Wong Kok Restaurant with her family.

And for the first time I had Big Poon Choi. It's full of varieties of ingredients - Abalone, scallops, prawns, fish, pork, winter melon, mushrooms etc etc... too much to mention!

There's a meaning for Big Poon Choi since ancient China where families came together shared among each other a varieties of ingredients inside a big bowl of bucket.

Big Poon Choi which cost Rm388 for a super huge bowl. No worry... they have small bowl too.

Saw the pork with "collagen" above? It's called "Yuan Ti" in Chinese. My cousin requested the restaurant to separate the pork from the Big Poon Choi. Imagine adding the Yuan Ti in to the big bowl of Poon Choi. Hmm~~ It's will end up like a hill!

Chicken Ginseng Soup


Roasted Duck

Coconut Pudding

I don't really like their coconut pudding.

The dinner was satisfying and all of us was happy about it. =D

My mom has been waiting to eat Poon Choi for a long long time already and at last she had it!

Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Cupcakes' Afternoon Tea - Boutique Cupcakes, Lintas, KK, Sabah

Having afternoon tea now with meatball (click) and a friend.

Been here for few times for take away and I'm having afternoon tea session at Boutique Cupcakes now for the first time.

Cherry Blossom, Nutty-licous and a pot of Fruit Tea.

Cherry Blossom is cherry- licous. :D

I like the texture when it combine with the cherry, the cream and the chocolate cake!

Previous post about Boutique Cupcakes! - click here!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yun Man Steamboat Chinese Dish Restaurant, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Had my steamboat dinner with my family and their friends from Singapore one week ago and it was one of the cheapest steamboat that cost RM20.00 per person.

Varieties of meatballs, dumplings, seafoods, fried chicken wings, noodles, vegetables, mushrooms etc etc for us to select, but no crabs provided there.

We can eat all we want if we can finish it. All of the ingredients was more than enough to be finish by Giants!!

Our soup selection :
Tom Yum Soup and Herbal Soup. They mix quite a lot of MSG inside the soup and it makes us want to drink a lot. However, we still can be there for a hot steamboat dinner once in a while right?!

I ate a lot of brinjals that night!

We must finish all those ingredients that we choose. As for those that we can't finish, we have to pay for it (can't remember how much it cost already). (Good plan for reducing wastage)

p/s: The earlier we arrive, the earlier we can have our seats! They have a lot of seats, but still not enough for their customers!

Lot 1, Ground Floor,
Taman Dixon, Off Jalan Lintas,
88300 Kota Kinabalu,

From Kolombong to Lintas, turn left when we arrive at the junction that we could see Hospital Luyang and a Malay/Indian Restaurant. Drive further and we could see Taman Dixon.'s signboard. Saw a row of shops that full of people? That's the steamboat restaurant beside the road!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dinner at Supertanker Restaurant, Bundusan, Sabah

 Latest post on 28th July, 2011 - CLICK HERE to read about it! And its super tempting!!

My uncle treated us for dinner last week and it was wonderful on his birthday. Although the restaurant was an old and well known restaurant since the 90's, they still maintain their quality with their scrumptious three layer pork!

Oh my... I still can remember the nice flavour of its gravy. Everything was fresh and more than enough to serve everyone of us.

The last time I went was last year on my dad's birthday (the day before my uncle's birthday)! Yup! Its been a long time, yet they still maintain their goodness.

Location: Bundusan, Kota Kinabalu where a huge green signboard stating "SUPERTANKER"!!

(Fill your tanker tummy!) :P

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Boutique Cupcakes, Lintas Station, Sabah

 Updated on 22.09.2011 - The Cafe had moved to City Mall. Click HERE to read about it!

Been browsing through their website and facebook account for many times, just to see their creativity towards those cupcakes that custom made requested by their guests.

I tried their cupcakes before when my mom brought one back home few months ago, during the grand opening of Wisma Wanita, Head Quarter of Sabah. It taste... Hmmm~~~ Vanilla Flavour, not that sweet with the icing above and overall it taste good with a cup of hot tea.

On Thursday (07.10.2010) was their grand opening at Lintas Station (which is near to my working place) went there for a little survey with some of my colleagues and the price gave them a shock with such small cupcakes inside the glassed counter and I saw Beverly Tam (click) there too.

Didn't manage to buy the cupcakes during that time because I'm shy to buy it when my colleagues around.

However, I went there after work on the next day and as promised by my elder sister (click), for the cupcakes!

Each cupcake cost RM5.00 and 1/2 dozen cost RM28.00.

I like their "Hearty Carrot", "Dolce and Banana" and the "Lemon Blast". The ingredients they are using are generous! As for others... the taste are ordinary like any other cupcakes sold at other cafe, and the texture for few of the cupcakes was a bit dried... However, the three types of cupcakes I preferred taste good! I like! And the cream texture was silky soft! Imagine when you bite the cupcakes with the combination of melting cream... *Oh my***

Hoping for more great inventive flavours soon!

The best way to eat cupcakes - Served with a cup of coffee or tea!

Guess what?? I won my golden ticket from one of the cupcakes I choose! I'm going back to Boutique Cupcakes soon!

They are having promotion for this October which is THE GOLDEN TICKETS. To know more, just click here (click).

Furthermore, they are having the October's campaign which namely "1 for the Survivor" which each cupcake cost RM6.50 and RM1.00 will be donated to Kinabalu Pink Ribbon.

Cute cupcakes design for the campaign! Do support for the awareness just like me!


To know more about them. Refer the the picture below!

Lintas Station, Lintas Plaza, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
We can see their pink signboard and the cupcakes outlet on the left when we stop at the round-about.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Oriental Gold BB Cream - Skin 79

My first BB cream by Skin 79 had ended its life last month and I started using my Oriental Gold since few weeks ago.

Found out that the application of BB cream need to be pat on to our skin and not by spreading it all over our face. The effect of patting makes our face looks more radiant and covers most of my dark spots.

FYI, spreading BB cream like moisturiser could make our skin condition worst, especially for those who have pimples on their face. Therefore, patting is the correct way of applying it.

The 3 main functions of this BB cream are whitening, wrinkles improvement and UV protection of SPF25 PA++.

Besides, I love the combination of 3 different type of teas (black tea, white tea and green tea), I smell like tea each time I applied! The benefits of those teas are brighten and firming our skin.

Nice~~ It makes my pore looks smaller even I applied a thin layer of it.

Saw the pink coloured blusher? I use it as my blusher lately and I like it too. Is like a combination of foundation and blusher - all in one! Some more, it could applied on to our lip as lip gloss too!

I love Oriental Gold BB Cream more than the first BB cream in Hot Pink!

p/s: Remember to remove BB cream with make up remover just like the steps of clearing our face.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Kedai Kopi Fook Yuen, Sabah 富源

Went to the new Fook Yuen Coffee Shop located at Menara Jubilee, around Gaya Street area for the first time.

It was the fourth branch originated from the Kedai Kopi Fook Yuen located at Damai. Everyone know Fook Yuen here and all of the branches (Damai, Asia City, Karamunsing Capital and Gaya Street) are packed with visitors all over the world to have a bite. From Japanese, Singaporean and many others who ‎​♥ their cold butter bread.

Roti Kahwin a.k.a Cold Butter Bread. (Can be toasted or original white bread)

Their bread and Milky Tea are famous and I ‎​♥ their Economic side dishes too. Taste good!!
No pork served for sure! So, no worry for non pork eater!

The fourth branch are extremely huge and I think it could fit in over 100 of people at the same time.

My family brought our friends from Singapore for a drink after our Vegetarian dinner on last Saturday. We had Cold Butter Bread, Bread and pudding, some mixed Economic side dishes and Milky Tea. Wow.. We are having our great life all this while.

Bread and pudding. Had it for the first time and I've learned before through television cooking series. But not with the raisins.
The texture is soft with eggs, milk and bread.
I love the mixed side dishes, especially their brinjal and they have a spicy blended chili too.

What I ‎​♥ the most is enjoying every single wonderful moments recalling all the beautiful, unforgettable moments with my friends, family, the places I have been and all.
♥ *¨*•.¸¸.•♥ *¨*•.¸¸.•

Therefore, earn money and have fun with your life! ;)

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