Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Luyang Restaurant, Luyang, K.K, Sabah 路阳酒家

They serve one of the best crabs in town, even foreign visitors visit the restaurant to have their seafood dinner.

My aunt told us that, the owner only operates when the crabs are fleshy and the quantity are enough for that night. It means that the owner emphasis more on the crabs quality and true that when you see the saliva drooling crabs!!

It was full of crabs eggs (our favourite) ... Cannot be over cook so that it taste WOW!

Those crabs are more than enough for 8 of us that night. Blurpppp**** Excuse me!

However, I still prefer Salted Egg with Crabs and the dish that fried with Curry Powder(金香蟹).

p/s: Seremban still listed as the best crabs I tried so far! (click click)

Luyang area.
Its located next to the BP Oil Station, see your right side when you are heading to the town from Damai/ Foh Sang.