Saturday, September 18, 2010

【沙巴玩】 亚庇 : 来来文化村 Fun in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - All about Mari-Mari Cultural Village

See the unexpected and feel the relax environment with the sound of the surrounding.

At last, I have complete the whole Mari-Mari Cultural Village entries. And won't bother you all by notifying that any of the destination's post again! (In case, some of you felt so) =)

Any visitors who love to know more about the Cultural Village, just click the address below: -

All about Mari-Mari Cultural Village


Tropical Holidays Paradise to make your bookings to visit the wonderful cultural village. (Inform the you found it through my blog!!)
Once again, I would like to inform you all that, the visiting Mari-Mari need to be book in advance through the travel agents around town. They wouldn't not entertain any walk-in customers.

All of us love that Village very much! (Provided, if we love to know more about other people's culture, right?)

p/s: Remember to open your eyes and see the surrounding over there, you will be surprise!


  1. i've been study in sabah for 4 years and never been to "mari-mari". i only went to "monsopiad cultural village" in KK :D

  2. I see~~ How was your Monsopiad visiting? Do you like it? Heard that they have upgraded a lot too!
    I haven been there for yet, just peek a little when bringing some guests over there once.

    I like Mari-2 a lot, and you should go there for a visit, you will love it with those personal hands on experience.

  3. Hi, May I know the exact address/ location for this village? As I plan to visit it and I did want to be there on my transport. However, I can't find the location for this village as it is not stated. Can advise, please?