Wednesday, September 15, 2010

【亚庇玩】 : 来来文化村 Fun in Kota Kinabalu : Mari-Mari Cultural Village - The Murut Tribe

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Murut tribe is the last tribe that we visit and FYI, I'm mixed blood of these native tribe too!

Besides, Murut tribe is also known as the headhunters of Borneo and the ethic group are concentrated in the district of Tenom and its surrounding area. During the olden days, the more heads they collected, hanging in their house means that the more powerful they are.

The headhunters exist during the earlier generation, and I think there are no longer headhunting now-a-days, however I met a man before who claimed that his ancestor was one of the well known hero in Borneo.

Saw the staircase which one step equal two steps that we usually step? Our tourist guide explained that the real Murut house was not that low, it was quite high (few foots tall) and the usage was to prevent boar and other harmful animals from going in to their house.

The Blow Pipe and also known as "Sumpit" in local language. It was use to hunt animals during the olden days.

The native cigarette.
Tourists can have a try too if they want.

Their entertainment during their free time - The Langsaran.

I enjoyed the game and felt great even I hurt myself on my knee. They even compete between themselves and in need of few persons to make it like a spring during the olden days. It wasn't easy tho, we need to jump as high as we could to reach our goal.

I get my tattoo (the fake one) here too! Our tourist guide explained to us that if we saw tattoos that have plants or bats (not fierce animals) patterns are normally drawn by the Murut people.

Well, CULTURAL DANCES will be the next post!


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