Thursday, September 2, 2010

【亚庇玩】 : 来来文化村 Fun in Kota Kinabalu : Mari-Mari Cultural Village - The Lundayeh

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When we are on our way to visit the Lundayeh Tribes, we have learned the method of Treebark Vest making. They used real tree "skin" to make it and dried for days before they could scratch scratch scratch to make it thinner and it can be as thin as a cotton shirt.

We thought that they will wear the treebark vest all the time, but actually not. They will wear only when they are cold.

Besides, learning Treebark Vest making, they also taught us the method of strings making from treebark. There were guest that ask for some treebark bracelet made by the "locals".

The way they dried the tree "skin" for days before they proceed with treebark vest making.

If I'm not mistaken, every vest are fragile that it could only wear for 3 months and need to make another new one for replacement, and of cause it could be shorter than the duration too!!

I even took some pictures with the treebark vest when they offered us.

Look like a shirt and the texture was like one too!

I don't dare to wear it on me, because I felt itchy when I saw the vest which they pass around. Hygiene! I do not wear it, does not mean that it was scary, some guests worn it too and have fun with all the pictures they took.

They typical Lundayeh's house.

Saw the sculpture of a crocodile? It is not a lizard!!!

During the past, there will be a crocodile sculpture outside their living house, it was use to protect the residents from unforeseeable circumstances and there was a hero in the family (at least one person is a hero).

The Mari-Mari's guide ask us whether we want to enjoy the air-conditioner or not. And he calculated 1, 2 and 3. Walla~~

The cool air was surrounding us (better then none) when they lifted up the roof and we can feel the breeze.

Mari-Mari Cultural Village is great for understanding the culture and the environment really catches my breath. The water fountain, the river etc etc... too much to be mentioned...

That's all for the culture of Lundayeh!!

The next will be the culture of -


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