Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getaway to Lagoon Park, Karambunai, Sabah

If you followed my Twitter, you will noticed that I went to a BBQ Trip aka Company Outing somewhere out of town on last Saturday (04.09.2010) with my colleagues.

We had a lot of fun time conquering the whole beach!

The fun begins when we entered the main entrance~~

Lagoon Park, Karambunai is located and managed by Nexus Resort
. It's the same that Karambunai = Nexus, Nexus = Karambunai.

I always wondered where did my friends took their pictures with the huge chess, and I found it this time at Lagoon Park. Guess we could play another huge chess games with our friends during the free time. LOL! =D

Unfortunately, I didn't realise that the chess was brought away by the staff by the time I wanted to take photographs with it.

For those who rather just sit down reading books or enjoying the scenery, they could rest under the shady trees with a cup of cold drinks or coffees at the Lagoon Cafe.

You know what.... When I first saw the jetty with boats embarked besides, it reminds me about Lake District, UK which is one of the place I love during my studies. And of course, there are not many boats there and those are the properties of Nexus Resort.

We did some activities there such as playing Volley Balls, Kayaking and other beach activities. Besides, we took up Combo 1 package (Promotion valid until 30th September, 2010) which cost us RM20.00nett per person (minimum 5 persons). The activities that included in the package are Fun Banana boat ride for 10 minutes, Fun Kayaking for 1 hour, 1 Soft Drink for all the 5 persons and it was inclusive of Entrance fee to the Park or Camping fee (Additional charges RM5.00nett per person/ night).

It's budgeted and worth for the money that we spend! (In fact, our boss was the one who make the payment, and we spend our energy to have fun!)

The lagoon is huge and we can reach the sea at the other side of the beach. We can Kayak from here to there and the whole lagoon if we want. However, we need to suffer the pain on our shoulder on the next day. =D

Saw our table which full of snacks and raw materials for BBQ? We brought those all the way from K.K. to prepared for our BBQ whole day meal!

The barbecue was great! The Lamb, the chicken wings, the grilled vegetables and more (The food was more than enough). Wow~~ It's scrumptious!

Wanna have some or not?

A lot of funny stuffs happened on that day. Everyone was getting along and one word to describe:


Most of us forget about everything and have fun with all the facilities provided! Unexpectedly, few of them who are normally silent had great fun too! Splashed themselves into the sea when they were having their Banana Boat Ride.

The water sports that we can join include Kayaking, Water Ski-ing and Banana Boat Ride.

Saw our smiley faces and you will know we had tones of fun!

The best part of Banana Boat Riding is turning guests in to the lagoon! I saw my colleagues loss themselves and jump in to lagoon while the conductor was riding the speed boat.

Besides those mentioned activities, the management offered Mangrove boat cruise, crab catching and batik painting too!

The Batik Painting session, I took few photographs of it while I'm walking around at the Park alone (Need to do some work for my elder sister and T.H.P besides snapping hundreds of pictures for blogging purpose).

Found the candles drawing that shows the similar patterns that I have drawn for many times with the coconut trees, the birds and the sea view! *blink*

The persons in charge of the Batik painting will draw on a piece of fabric with the melted candles before the visitors paint on it.

Around 2.00p.m., we packed all the left over foods and back to K.K., some of them had their overnight at the Resort nearby.

End up, all of us were Sun Burnt! Getting darker tone and still waiting for the skin tone to recover.

Lagoon Park is a recommended destination to visit, neither for team building nor family gathering.

It's awesome and I'm in love with the Beach, even it makes me Sun Burnt!

*Tour to Lagoon Park, Karambunai could be managed by Tropical Holidays Paradise.


  1. wow. I like the chess. haven't been to this plc for such a long time. Lots of new things i guess. :-)

  2. good job in promoting Sabah. this is good. keep it up. waiting for your next post. =)

  3. Jipp: haha!! You should come and visit KK again! Explore new places and foodss!!!

    Sonia : Thanks for visiting my blog! Sure! Will explore Sabah and post more about this beautiful place!

    We got the nature and the beauties, need to love and we should promote the true Sabah!