Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beauty Workshop by The Body Shop

Been substituting my younger sister to attend the beauty workshop while she was last minute being informed to attend one of the program organised by the beauty pageant some time around July I suppose.

Before the workshop starts, me and my elder sister had a scrumptious breakfast at San Francisco Coffee Co. (click).

FYI, I went to the workshop for the first time and it was fun knowing the correct method of daily and weekly skincare and basic make-up steps.

Learned the Advance Make Up/ Dinner Make Up with fantastic eye shadow colour! I'm not a very daring person who will blend weird eyeshadow on my eye lid yet, however I lover eyeliner and fake lashes which could make my eye look larger!

p/s: They have workshop for day make up too!

They taught us the correct method for facial care which include Daily Skincare Regime and Weekly Skincare Regine (Twice a week) with hands on practice at the workshop.

During our tea break, we had coffee/ tea and some tit bites. Saw my clear face? I'm done with all scrubing, cleansing, moisturising etc etc...

After the tea break, its time to colour our face!!

See?? Ladies need to know all the steps for make up from Base to even out the skin tone to Touch Up our face before applying eye shadows and lip colour.

They choose the eye shadows for us and mine was GREEN and Dark Shimmers!!!!

The completed outcome by me with a little help from the friendly workshop assistant. Hmm~~
I personally felt the colour wasn't like me, I mean not my style. I love shimmered type of eye shadow but not with this kind of "bombastic" colour. But, never try never know right?

Some of them say the make up looks nice and some of them say the colour not really suitable to me. Oh well~~ Practice Practice Practice to enhance those skills and improve from there!

My complementary goodies bag with the mascara that I won from the quiz they are having!

My make up on my cousin wedding last week - emphasis more to the eye!! Falsieessss bought from Wisma Merdeka and shimmer from Elianto *blink blink***!!

Pretty or not? The miracle of Make Up by transforming people to look even better~ LOL

(My Harmon was abnormal lately, it makes my pimples grown more on my forehead. Arghhhh*** That's hurt!!)

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