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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Luyang Restaurant, Luyang, K.K, Sabah 路阳酒家

They serve one of the best crabs in town, even foreign visitors visit the restaurant to have their seafood dinner.

My aunt told us that, the owner only operates when the crabs are fleshy and the quantity are enough for that night. It means that the owner emphasis more on the crabs quality and true that when you see the saliva drooling crabs!!

It was full of crabs eggs (our favourite) ... Cannot be over cook so that it taste WOW!

Those crabs are more than enough for 8 of us that night. Blurpppp**** Excuse me!

However, I still prefer Salted Egg with Crabs and the dish that fried with Curry Powder(金香蟹).

p/s: Seremban still listed as the best crabs I tried so far! (click click)

Luyang area.
Its located next to the BP Oil Station, see your right side when you are heading to the town from Damai/ Foh Sang.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beauty Workshop by The Body Shop

Been substituting my younger sister to attend the beauty workshop while she was last minute being informed to attend one of the program organised by the beauty pageant some time around July I suppose.

Before the workshop starts, me and my elder sister had a scrumptious breakfast at San Francisco Coffee Co. (click).

FYI, I went to the workshop for the first time and it was fun knowing the correct method of daily and weekly skincare and basic make-up steps.

Learned the Advance Make Up/ Dinner Make Up with fantastic eye shadow colour! I'm not a very daring person who will blend weird eyeshadow on my eye lid yet, however I lover eyeliner and fake lashes which could make my eye look larger!

p/s: They have workshop for day make up too!

They taught us the correct method for facial care which include Daily Skincare Regime and Weekly Skincare Regine (Twice a week) with hands on practice at the workshop.

During our tea break, we had coffee/ tea and some tit bites. Saw my clear face? I'm done with all scrubing, cleansing, moisturising etc etc...

After the tea break, its time to colour our face!!

See?? Ladies need to know all the steps for make up from Base to even out the skin tone to Touch Up our face before applying eye shadows and lip colour.

They choose the eye shadows for us and mine was GREEN and Dark Shimmers!!!!

The completed outcome by me with a little help from the friendly workshop assistant. Hmm~~
I personally felt the colour wasn't like me, I mean not my style. I love shimmered type of eye shadow but not with this kind of "bombastic" colour. But, never try never know right?

Some of them say the make up looks nice and some of them say the colour not really suitable to me. Oh well~~ Practice Practice Practice to enhance those skills and improve from there!

My complementary goodies bag with the mascara that I won from the quiz they are having!

My make up on my cousin wedding last week - emphasis more to the eye!! Falsieessss bought from Wisma Merdeka and shimmer from Elianto *blink blink***!!

Pretty or not? The miracle of Make Up by transforming people to look even better~ LOL

(My Harmon was abnormal lately, it makes my pimples grown more on my forehead. Arghhhh*** That's hurt!!)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Watsons Membership Card

Finally they launched their own membership card for Watsons Lover like me!

I do ‎​♥ Watsons that totally suit my personal lifestyle which offers beautifying products from hair to toes, a little snacks and etc etc... Just like Boots - A well known personal store that I come across during my studies in UK.

To know more information about the card -- Log in to their website at

Have a peaceful evening peoples.

♥ *¨*•.¸¸.•♥ *¨*•.¸¸.•

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival 2010

Happy Mid Autumn Festival to all visitors, friends and family.

In Chinese Calendar, the Chinese people will celebrate this festive day on the 15th day of the Eighth Month of each year. Usually, we will celebrate the day with mooncakes and playing patented lantern while enjoying the view of beautiful full moon.

This morning, each of us brought one mooncake to the office as breakfast, share it among few of us and served it with a cup of very berry tea. And for the first time I had 10 types of different flavoured mooncake and I'm full of mooncakes today!!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!
Justify Full
♥ *¨*•.¸¸.•♥ *¨*•.¸¸.• ‎​♥ ♥ *¨*•.¸¸.•♥ *¨*•.¸¸.• ‎​♥

Saw the silver cup? It was an old fashioned glass that her mom kept for yearsssssss!!

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Monday, September 20, 2010

*Closed* Fukurou Japanese Restaurant, K.K., Sabah

*Closed* - Updated on 22.09.2013

Previous entry (click) - about the Japanese Dishes that we had previously.

Wrote a new entry for the Japanese Restaurant because I'm not satisfy with the poor camera quality of my previous LG cookie. I'm using my Black Berry smart phone for the photos below, its superb quality right?

Here goes --

My parents and few of us went to Fukurou for our dinner on a rainy evening before we went home.

We had the below with some add on ala cart too.

Fried Beef with add on Garlic Rice for my dad.

Most of the people I knew love Baby Octopus. Imagine the babies are Paul the Octopus, eat it as much as you can if you lose your money on the previous football matches. ;P

The RM45.00 set menu with free add on Mango Hand Roll (optional). Big slices of SALMON!

Furtermore, by having any menus with Salmon, we are entitled for 30% discount on this month (SEPTEMBER)! So, be fast before its too late.

I had Beef slices with Curry Udon. Felt like the Udon is melting when it entered my mouth. Yummy~~

Although it was called curry but it wasn't spicy, my dad had a sip and he likes it too. My dad love to cook and he love to invent different kind of fusion dishes. =)

All of us enjoyed our dinner that day, but my mom doesn't enjoy much, she still prefer the Chirashi Set by Nishiki Japanese Restaurant (click). She loves Chirashi, and so am I.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

【沙巴玩】 亚庇 : 来来文化村 Fun in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - All about Mari-Mari Cultural Village

See the unexpected and feel the relax environment with the sound of the surrounding.

At last, I have complete the whole Mari-Mari Cultural Village entries. And won't bother you all by notifying that any of the destination's post again! (In case, some of you felt so) =)

Any visitors who love to know more about the Cultural Village, just click the address below: -

All about Mari-Mari Cultural Village


Tropical Holidays Paradise to make your bookings to visit the wonderful cultural village. (Inform the you found it through my blog!!)
Once again, I would like to inform you all that, the visiting Mari-Mari need to be book in advance through the travel agents around town. They wouldn't not entertain any walk-in customers.

All of us love that Village very much! (Provided, if we love to know more about other people's culture, right?)

p/s: Remember to open your eyes and see the surrounding over there, you will be surprise!

【亚庇玩】 : 来来文化村 之传统舞蹈 (竹竿舞) Fun in Kota Kinabalu - Bamboo Dance at Mari-Mari Cultural Village

I signed up a Youtube account at last!

I've uploaded the Bamboo Dance for you all to view!

The performers can move quite fast and they caught our attention.


Friday, September 17, 2010

【亚庇玩】 : 来来文化村 之传统Murut族游戏 Fun in Kota Kinabalu - The Langsaran, Cultural Game of Murut Tribe

One of the entertainment for the Murut during the olden days!

I manage to have a try too, but my video that my friend took for me is gone!! And I'm sad about it. =(

About Langsaran - The jump the highest to catch the things hanged on top of the roof!

【亚庇玩】 : 来来文化村 之文化舞蹈 Fun in Kota Kinabalu - Mari-Mari Cultural Village - The Cultural Show

Previous post - The Murut (Headhunters Tribe)

Understand more about the 5 main tribes of Sabah during the visit and we had the chance to see the cultural dance performance. I do enjoyed much and the performers was great with all the effort and energy they put in their dances.

The well know Bamboo Dance. We have the chance to learn their steps too!

After the cultural dance performance, we had a photography session with all the performers. Handsome guys and lovely local girls.

To end our visit before going back to the town, we had our lunch at their restaurant.

The food they serves are mixture of western and local dishes, so that everyone can satisfied their hunger. Besides, remember the Bamboo Cooking that I had posted before? The well done dish were served during our lunch. Didn't have a bite of it, but I think they enjoyed what they cooked!

Tempting right?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

【亚庇玩】 : 来来文化村 Fun in Kota Kinabalu : Mari-Mari Cultural Village - The Murut Tribe

Previous post - The Colourful Bajau (click)

Murut tribe is the last tribe that we visit and FYI, I'm mixed blood of these native tribe too!

Besides, Murut tribe is also known as the headhunters of Borneo and the ethic group are concentrated in the district of Tenom and its surrounding area. During the olden days, the more heads they collected, hanging in their house means that the more powerful they are.

The headhunters exist during the earlier generation, and I think there are no longer headhunting now-a-days, however I met a man before who claimed that his ancestor was one of the well known hero in Borneo.

Saw the staircase which one step equal two steps that we usually step? Our tourist guide explained that the real Murut house was not that low, it was quite high (few foots tall) and the usage was to prevent boar and other harmful animals from going in to their house.

The Blow Pipe and also known as "Sumpit" in local language. It was use to hunt animals during the olden days.

The native cigarette.
Tourists can have a try too if they want.

Their entertainment during their free time - The Langsaran.

I enjoyed the game and felt great even I hurt myself on my knee. They even compete between themselves and in need of few persons to make it like a spring during the olden days. It wasn't easy tho, we need to jump as high as we could to reach our goal.

I get my tattoo (the fake one) here too! Our tourist guide explained to us that if we saw tattoos that have plants or bats (not fierce animals) patterns are normally drawn by the Murut people.

Well, CULTURAL DANCES will be the next post!

Monday, September 13, 2010

LeeHom (你不知道的事) - Jason Chen

OMG! He has a good voice and good looking too!

Besides, he even sing "I love the way you lie" by Rihanna!

Friday, September 10, 2010

【亚庇玩】 : 来来文化村 Fun in Kota Kinabalu : Mari-Mari Cultural Village - The Bajau

Previous post - Lundayeh Tribes (click)

The Bajau Tribes is full of colours on their traditional customs, in their wedding and all!! They are also known as the Local Cowboy.

There's a legend that stated that it because the Bajau Tribes is nearer to the sea, therefore, when the big ship embarked at the port, the Bajau people are the first buyer who purchase the beautiful coloured fabric and left most of the black coloured fabric to the other tribes.

Their living place.

We went in to their living room and we saw the Wedding Hall. It's full of colours don't they?

We have the chance to wear their customs and pretended that we are having our wedding there.

Besides, our Mari-Mari guide can play the music instruments laid on the floor wonderfully.

A girl who wear the colouful Bajau traditional custom was making Bajau's snacks for us. Besides, we had the chance to make some too!

Pandan Drink.

The drink is refreshing and not very sweet in flavour.

That's all for our visit to the Bajau Tribes.

The next post will be the Culture of -


Tropical Holidays Paradise (click)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Getaway to Lagoon Park, Karambunai, Sabah

If you followed my Twitter, you will noticed that I went to a BBQ Trip aka Company Outing somewhere out of town on last Saturday (04.09.2010) with my colleagues.

We had a lot of fun time conquering the whole beach!

The fun begins when we entered the main entrance~~

Lagoon Park, Karambunai is located and managed by Nexus Resort
. It's the same that Karambunai = Nexus, Nexus = Karambunai.

I always wondered where did my friends took their pictures with the huge chess, and I found it this time at Lagoon Park. Guess we could play another huge chess games with our friends during the free time. LOL! =D

Unfortunately, I didn't realise that the chess was brought away by the staff by the time I wanted to take photographs with it.

For those who rather just sit down reading books or enjoying the scenery, they could rest under the shady trees with a cup of cold drinks or coffees at the Lagoon Cafe.

You know what.... When I first saw the jetty with boats embarked besides, it reminds me about Lake District, UK which is one of the place I love during my studies. And of course, there are not many boats there and those are the properties of Nexus Resort.

We did some activities there such as playing Volley Balls, Kayaking and other beach activities. Besides, we took up Combo 1 package (Promotion valid until 30th September, 2010) which cost us RM20.00nett per person (minimum 5 persons). The activities that included in the package are Fun Banana boat ride for 10 minutes, Fun Kayaking for 1 hour, 1 Soft Drink for all the 5 persons and it was inclusive of Entrance fee to the Park or Camping fee (Additional charges RM5.00nett per person/ night).

It's budgeted and worth for the money that we spend! (In fact, our boss was the one who make the payment, and we spend our energy to have fun!)

The lagoon is huge and we can reach the sea at the other side of the beach. We can Kayak from here to there and the whole lagoon if we want. However, we need to suffer the pain on our shoulder on the next day. =D

Saw our table which full of snacks and raw materials for BBQ? We brought those all the way from K.K. to prepared for our BBQ whole day meal!

The barbecue was great! The Lamb, the chicken wings, the grilled vegetables and more (The food was more than enough). Wow~~ It's scrumptious!

Wanna have some or not?

A lot of funny stuffs happened on that day. Everyone was getting along and one word to describe:


Most of us forget about everything and have fun with all the facilities provided! Unexpectedly, few of them who are normally silent had great fun too! Splashed themselves into the sea when they were having their Banana Boat Ride.

The water sports that we can join include Kayaking, Water Ski-ing and Banana Boat Ride.

Saw our smiley faces and you will know we had tones of fun!

The best part of Banana Boat Riding is turning guests in to the lagoon! I saw my colleagues loss themselves and jump in to lagoon while the conductor was riding the speed boat.

Besides those mentioned activities, the management offered Mangrove boat cruise, crab catching and batik painting too!

The Batik Painting session, I took few photographs of it while I'm walking around at the Park alone (Need to do some work for my elder sister and T.H.P besides snapping hundreds of pictures for blogging purpose).

Found the candles drawing that shows the similar patterns that I have drawn for many times with the coconut trees, the birds and the sea view! *blink*

The persons in charge of the Batik painting will draw on a piece of fabric with the melted candles before the visitors paint on it.

Around 2.00p.m., we packed all the left over foods and back to K.K., some of them had their overnight at the Resort nearby.

End up, all of us were Sun Burnt! Getting darker tone and still waiting for the skin tone to recover.

Lagoon Park is a recommended destination to visit, neither for team building nor family gathering.

It's awesome and I'm in love with the Beach, even it makes me Sun Burnt!

*Tour to Lagoon Park, Karambunai could be managed by Tropical Holidays Paradise.