Tuesday, August 17, 2010

【沙巴玩】 Kundasang: 玫瑰园 Fun in Sabah : Rose Garden

After we left Don Bosco Children's Home, we headed back to Kota Kinabalu and we stopped by at Rose Garden for a cup of Kopi O (black coffee) and enjoy the scene and scent of flowers in the garden.

Especially the ROSES!

Never been there and most of the ladies are excited about it!

With an entrance fee of RM2.00, we walked in to the Garden for a short tour and took hundreds of pictures for free! I didn't took much photos, but my younger sister loves to camwhore with it and even with the flowers!

Various plants like flowers, Orchids, Vegetables, fruits, Cactus and many other weird type of plants can been seen there.

I saw a portion of Strawberries plants when we entered the garden's main entrance. I guess they could sell the Strawberries when it's ripe later.

Thousands of tomatoes can be seen when we walked to the end of the garden. It's quite nice to see all the plants during the tour. Feels like biting of of it!

The plants that loved most of the girls - ROSES!
Thousands of blooming roses with various colours can bee seen. That's amazing, really!
FYI, roses are sold at RM1.00 per stick, even my bf did bought a bundle for me few years back.

The roses portion are too wide and I can't take a good picture of the blooming roses. *sigh*

The fresh and cooling air that makes the plants grew beautifully at Kundasang area.

Took a picture of this weird plant and there were millions of white flurry seeds in the ripe "thing". No idea what was it.

Besides, few types of Hibiscus (the National Flower of Malaysia) are found too. And it was large as my face. =D

The Garden had divided in to many sections for different kinds of plants from young to the grown one. However, we can't expect too much for an entrance fee of RM2.00 right? At least they have the basic needs to let the plants grow beautifully within the Garden's area.

And that's the end of my trip with my parents and their friends, we headed back to KK - Home Sweet Home.


  1. I didn't get to go to Rose Garden when I was at Kundasang. Sad life.

  2. Hey~~ No need to feel sad. cheer up!!
    You didn't manage to go to Rose Garden, that mean's that you have the chance to visit Sabah again!! =D
    Maybe with your love one for the next coming trip to Sabah!

  3. beautiful.. I never been there too.. :)

  4. Yup! Sure beautiful. If the pictures too by professional, I think it will be wonderful!

  5. hello may i know where is this place locate at? is it inside hotel compound? do you have its contact number?

  6. In 2011 - they owner planted a plot of grapes plants. It was about to fruit then. Some cuttings for sale too. Some of my friend plated those cuttings in their porch area - growing well! By now - it should have loads of grapes for harvesting.

  7. wow its such a wonderful garden , and its an amazing place to visit with your loved ones , and yes roses there is no one who don't likes the fragrance of roses unless anyone have some allergy , otherwise everyone likes the fragrance of roses . thank you babe for sharing the review with us :) love xx