Thursday, August 26, 2010

Popeyes the Sailor Man, Singapore

Popeyes the Sailor Man. Tutt tutt!!

Suddenly I remembered that I forgot to post Popeyes from my Singapore Trip!

My elder sister introduced the restaurant before in her blog, she love it very much and it only be found in Singapore's International Airport. It serves similar food like KFC but tastier and provide varieties food for us to choose from Burger to drumsticks!

Do you remember the Popeyes cartoon which we've watched when we are still little kids running around? Yea~~ The Sailor who eat Spinach to get all his energy to help others. The restaurant do show the cartoon continuously for guests to enjoy while having our meals.

Something quite special about the bread/ cake. It's like a combination between both. A bit crunchy from the outside and soft texture from the inside. Wonder how they did it... Hmm~~

Guess what? Some of the people even drive all the way to the airport just to have their Popeyes' meal.

It's taste good for real and must have it before our departure!


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