Monday, August 23, 2010

【亚庇玩】 : 来来文化村 Fun in Kota Kinabalu : Mari-Mari Cultural Village - The Rungus Longhouse

As promised, my Mari-Mari's tour continues with the Rungus Longhouse. (Previously: The Dusun Tribe.)

"Rungus is the fourth biggest tribe in Sabah after Murut, Bajau and Kadazandusun.
The word Rungus comes from Tomborungus. He was the son of Aki Ragang, who lived at the top of the Mount Kinabalu."

Rainy season, therefore the words that made of ropes was ruin when its get wet.

Every culture have their own unique myth here.

Many tourist love to know more about all of our culture, especially Rungus Longhouse. Unfortunately, we have to go to other destination such as Kudat for home-stay, I didn't heard there is any longhouses for homestay currently in K.K.

Why it was called Longhouse? It's because, the whole village was staying together (just like an apartment) under one roof and each room represent one family, the more family stays together, the longer the house will be. Furthermore, there will be a leader to protect the village. And more to explain, if I'm one of them.

The Fire Making Session.
We have the chance to learn the method of fire making in the old times when there was no lighter or matches. One of the tourist tried to make the fire, he rub for minutes and sweating just to make it burnt!

One of the activity that the girls will do during their free time.

We took pictures with the "warriors" and the Rungus girl there. Their beaded costume are beautiful.

The end of Rungus Longhouse and the following is the external view of the Rungus Long House.

(Snap it while we are moving to the other tribe)

The journey continues with the

Tribe of Lundayeh Culture.

Tropical Holidays Paradise.


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