Sunday, August 15, 2010

【沙巴玩】 : 亚庇 - 来来文化村 Fun in Sabah : Kota Kinabalu - Mari-Mari Cultural Village - The Dusun House

Wake up early on a Saturday morning and get ready for the amazing visiting to Mari-Mari Cultural Village together with tourists who book their tour package from Tropical Holidays Paradise.

I heard good comments from many people who visited that place and I'm fortunate that I have the chance to visit it this time. For your information, Mari-Mari does not entertain walk-in individual customers, therefore the locals and tourists all over the world have to book their tour package from Tour Companies around Kota Kinabalu. The price are fixed and no worries for visitors to book their package with the local Tour Companies.

In the village, there are the Sabahan five (5) largest traditional culture tribes that we can experience their lifestyle in a day. The 5 largest ethic tribes are the Dusun, the Rungus, the Lundayeh, the Bajau and lastly, the Murut.

We gathered together at the assembly area and wait for the tour to start.

The tour will start once we walk through the hanging bridge and entering the world of the traditional Sabah, Borneo.

Put a little imagination, and it's frighten us when the local villagers came forward.
They even act like the real warriors of the past and we enjoyed ourself a lot.

The Dusun House.

The explanation are made by the staff of the Cultural Village and questions can be ask during the tour.

Saw the staircase and the room? It was the traditional way of keeping the unmarried girls a.k.a. Sumandak from men. The staircase will be removed at night, to prevent unforeseeable circumstances. Besides, one house can fits all family members from grandfather, father to children.

The traditional way of cooking. Not a very easy life, they need to protect themselves, by creating many useful tools (one of it was their drinking cups), hunting meat for themselves and many.

When we walk out from the Dusun House, we can learn and taste the Dusun ethic food and drink.

Bamboo Cooking.
It was fun. The ingredients was well prepared, we only have to mix all the ingredients together and pour slowly in to the bamboo tubes, the Dusun girl will burn the bamboo for us and it will be serve during our lunch.

Rice Wine.
Rice wine are served to all. They even taught us the method of rice wine making.

Our Dusun House visiting end at the Rice Wine Stall and next post will be the


So, stay tune! ;D

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  1. nice.. I haven't got any chances to visit it yet... 1 day... ;)

  2. Yep! It's worth to visit there. :)
    Gather few more friends and it will be fun.

  3. is it same as monsopiad cultural village?