Friday, September 10, 2010

【亚庇玩】 : 来来文化村 Fun in Kota Kinabalu : Mari-Mari Cultural Village - The Bajau

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The Bajau Tribes is full of colours on their traditional customs, in their wedding and all!! They are also known as the Local Cowboy.

There's a legend that stated that it because the Bajau Tribes is nearer to the sea, therefore, when the big ship embarked at the port, the Bajau people are the first buyer who purchase the beautiful coloured fabric and left most of the black coloured fabric to the other tribes.

Their living place.

We went in to their living room and we saw the Wedding Hall. It's full of colours don't they?

We have the chance to wear their customs and pretended that we are having our wedding there.

Besides, our Mari-Mari guide can play the music instruments laid on the floor wonderfully.

A girl who wear the colouful Bajau traditional custom was making Bajau's snacks for us. Besides, we had the chance to make some too!

Pandan Drink.

The drink is refreshing and not very sweet in flavour.

That's all for our visit to the Bajau Tribes.

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