Saturday, August 21, 2010

【沙巴美食】 亚庇 - 好吃冬炎! Kedai Kopi Seng Hing, Sinsuran

The original Tom Yum Ah Chee has moved to operate his own shop! Therefore, Tom Yum of this post is no longer valid. 

Others, still remain the same.

Went to the coffee shop located at Sinsuran for the second time this year, I didn't realised that their Tom Yum really taste great until I had my first bite.

After fetching my sister's friends/ tourist from the airport, they requested to go to the coffee shop located behind Le Meridien KK for lunch and I wondered.

Most of us had Tom Yum with Prawns and other famous dishes too!

Kedai Kopi Seng Hing - since 1978

Besides various noodles for customers' choices, they are selling Mongolian Chicken Rice too~ Never heard it before, wonder how does it taste.. Hmm~~

Prawn Tom Yum Bee Hun. 

It taste heavenly and all of us were appraising all the food we had.

The Dry Fried Tuaran Noodles.

All of the ingredients they use are fresh and so much for all of us.

Another type of Fried Tuaran Noodles with Rice Wine.

The Rice Wine flavour was strong and that dish was good for me, but my mom prefer the dry fried Tuaran Mee more!

Teh C Special a.k.a. 3 layer milky tea.

I tried it before, it's nice but I don't really favour it much.

My sister's friend love it and always crave for it when he step his foot on K.K.

FYI, the owner is one the professional ballroom dancer here in Kota Kinabalu. =)

And his coffee shop ---- Deserve for the continuous visit by me!!

Sinsuran, K.K. and
behind Le Meridien, KK.


  1. Do they serve pork? The tuaran mee looks tempting..

  2. Aw~~ Sorry...
    I'm not sure about that... I didn't saw the Halal sign while I'm sitting outside the coffee shop. =(

  3. omgosh, although i had my dinner already but the moment i saw your food pictures, my stomach started singing haha. nice post! makes me feel like everywhere in malaysia have good food. not just in ipoh, muar or penang.

  4. =)
    Thanks melmonica!
    Yea~~ Every place have nice food to eat, but we need to search for those foods around!
    Where r u from? I saw UMS in one of your post's picture.