Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Her journey in Miss Borneo Tourism International Queen 2010

3 more days to go and the grand final for the beauty pageant is going held on this coming Friday (06.08.2010).

Last Friday (30.07.2010), more than 10 of us went to Shenanigans Hyatt Regency Hotel to support my younger sister - Chloe Lee in the talent competition held. Her talent is singing and in addition, she plays with the piano while she's singing. She didn't won the competition however think it as an experience and we hope for the best for the coming one!! =)

One Saturday night, she informed us that there will be a fashion show at Hyatt Regency Hotel on Sunday and she's a bit disappointed that we doesn't want to attend it at first. But in the end, we went there to give her some supports and it was wonderful.

We had Ala Cart menu for our lunch and our sits was so near to the stage. I love potatoes!!

The Tiara which worth more than RM25,000 (if I'm not mistaken) that all the contestant would love to have.

But, only the one person a.k.a. winner can bring it back!! It wasn't easy to become its owner, different kind of nasty people they need to face and they need to treat it like nothing happen and accept the comments given by others.

Yea~~ That's my younger sister and she really slim down a lot within weeks. In facts, it wasn't easy to become one of the icon where time and money are the big issues. She's lucky that her friends, family and relatives supported her all the way!!

Wish her all the best in the pageant competition and make all of us proud!

After the fashion show, there were few program held - makeover + photo shoot by Benny Liew which cost RM25 only, children face painting etc etc~~ Few of us (even my dad) had our individual photo shoot and we hope that the photos turns out to be great!!

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  1. I know she can do it....good luck to her....^_^ hope she become the winner....*wink wink*